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    Diary of a Demo: Thoughts and Comparisons

    I've really enjoyed reading your journey through the racket world! Thanks for sharing. It's so true too, now that we're getting a bit older tennis can become more of a fun hobby (what a concept!) and finding a frame that is FUN is so important. Go with what you like! And if you change your mind...
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    Ubersonic 4 in 2020?

    Wow. The design of the shoe itself looks really cool. The colorway, however... looks like a 3rd grader couldn't decide between four different color schemes so just smushed them all together...
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    Tourna Tac / Mega Tac Color Question on Performance

    Yup tried the blue as well, better than black in terms of lasting tackiness, though white still takes the cake for me
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    Seeking feedback on tennis t-shirt designs

    I like the obsessions never die logo and would probably buy it depending on fabric/price. Would love to see a king-version as well
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    Ubersonic 4 in 2020?

    @TW Staff, just checking to see if there's any news on the Ubersonic 4, thanks!
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    Tourna Tac / Mega Tac Color Question on Performance

    I've found the white Mega Tac is more tacky and lasts longer than the black color
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    Shoes With Most Cushioning and comfort...

    Hmm have you broken them in? I've found that it's taken a while to get them to flex with my foot
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    Shoes With Most Cushioning and comfort...

    Vapor Cage 4 is unbelievably comfortable and cushioned!
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    18g poly stiffer than 16g

    True, good point
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    18g poly stiffer than 16g

    Hmm interesting... I strung Pro Line II 1.20 at 46/44 and it plays much stiffer/deader than Pro Line Evolution 1.25 at 52/48!
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    18g poly stiffer than 16g

    Hi all, wondering if you've encountered this phenomenon? 18g strings are always listed as being softer and less stiff, though whenever I play with them they feel much stiffer and more board-like; I have less feel and struggle to generate as much power. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Strings for Vcore 98

    I actually always thought Yonex had strict quality control, until I had a Vcore 98 demo that I really liked and I had the specs measured and it had a significantly lighter SW than the listed TW specs...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat Jet Tere Playtest

    Tennis experience/background: 4.5/5.0, practice/compete with Open level players Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): all-court, look to come to net when possible, serve/volley 1-2x per service game Current shoes: Asics Gel Resolution 8, New Balance 996v3, Adidas Solecourt Boost...
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    New Adidas Stycon with BOA lacing

    Anyone tried these yet?
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Anyone else found the midsole structural durability/resilience to be lacking? I only got about 2 months of playability (even while alternating with a second pair of GR8's) before the midsole has become mushy/sloppy. Disappointing given how pricey they are!