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    Why are Yonex racquets priced so high?

    Calm down. All manufacturers have MSRPs (manufacturer suggested retail price) listed at ~$100 above retail. Check out any vendor's catalog. All vendor's sell at MAP though (minimum advertised price). This is an industry norm.
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    How much adds Silicone in the handle

    I always inject a little, weigh, repeat. If you go over your target by a bit, just scoop a small amount out. If I'm matching racquets, I'll inject the same amount of silicone and embed some leadtape to make up the rest; that way they have an equal amount of dampening.
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    Modifying rackets with lead/foam etc

    Do you notice any difference in swingability with this method?
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    Nadal rejects Kyrgios’ offer to join him on Instagram Live

    I'm pretty sure the quote from Nadal actually came first, and Nick responded some time after saying he was up for it. Either way, Essentially Sports is sensationalist media. I wouldn't take their content seriously.
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    Worst Federer outfits?

    He's had some boring ones and ones I didn't like over the years, but these are the ones that make me cringe: UPS Fed (2008 US Open)- Luckily he only played a round or 2 in it then switched to the red shirt that looked a lot better Barney Fed (2015 French Open/Halle)- I like purple, I like pink...
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    What's your average time sticking with a particular racquet brand or model?

    The last 2 years I've been using the HEAD Speed MP (360). The 7 years before that was spent with Wilson Blades and Prostaffs, and HEAD Radicals and Prestiges exclusively before that. I had a few brief stints with Babolats sprinkled in.
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    **Head PT 2.0 Review**

    Haven't seen a jdeloach review in a long time! Welcome back. What string and tension did you use? Whats your main stick these days?
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    Is there a way to make a grip smaller?

    The two types of Head pallets will fit on any HEAD racquet. The only difference is the shape of the handle they form. TK82 pallets have the traditional HEAD rectangular shape; almost all older HEAD racquets (including your FXPs) have these except the most recent models. TK82S pallets have a less...
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    Is there a way to make a grip smaller?

    If you have a HEAD or Volkl, you can buy pallets and change them out. You could also chip off the foam handle and put Head/Volkl pallets on the hairpin (I've read they won't fit Babolat hairpins though). If you're willing to spend some money, you can send it to a customizing service. I don't...
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    Is over 10 year out of date too old for a racket??

    That's enlightening. Hard to argue with objective data. I will note that RA is an arbitrary measure of overall flex, perhaps even a bias towards flex at the midpoint. I'm totally spit-balling here: perhaps resin breakdown (if it's the agent of racquet fatigue) does not register much on RA. Or...
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    Best Radical?

    I played with them exclusively from Ti. until Youtek (dumped the IG Youtek for the Blade line). Oddly, my favorite was the Youtek iteration. It had a weird flex, but it really worked for me for some reason. Loved them all though. Man, HEAD doesn't make 'em like they used to.
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    Is over 10 year out of date too old for a racket??

    Point taken. I admit I didn't know the actual mechanism so thank you for the correction.
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    Is over 10 year out of date too old for a racket??

    Racquets do fatigue over time as the carbon fibers breakdown from play and stringing. The racquet will lose some of its power and feel softer. Federer will go through about 60 racquets a year to keep his racquets fresh (12 each season). I'm sure many others do the same. For lesser mortals (us)...
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    My hypothesis on how sliding works.

    Of course for lower level players, they don't generate enough force to overcome the initial friction of the stop so we don't see them sliding around. There is also a minimum amount of strength in the legs and core to allow for proper sliding that isn't there either, not because its not...
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    My hypothesis on how sliding works.

    Also, force is lowered with increased distance. Sliding increases the braking distance and is energetically favorable (lower impact) over a hard stop. Its most likely why clay is better on the joints despite being harder than hard courts (some people think clay courts are soft). See this article.