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    Why is the period 1990s-03 such a volatile phase in win% ?? ... Looks like a weak era ...... Why so?

    This could be true, but it wouldn't explain why the upset rate at Roland Garros was higher in the 90s/early 00s than it is now.
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    Big 3 Grand Slam Titles by Difficulty

    Federer's my favorite player, and I don't like how this metric characterizes Federer's grand slam victories, so this metric is meaningless!
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    Djokovic beat the most in form players at all four Slams

    I dunno, sometimes making statements about the quality of a tennis metric requires discussing how that metric judges arguably the best tennis player ever?
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    Djokovic beat the most in form players at all four Slams

    FWIW I think UTS' Title Difficulty metric is pretty good, but I also believe Federer was good enough in his early-to-mid 20s to dominate fields stronger than those which he encountered. It's also obviously the case that Roger's top rivals' Elo ratings were depressed somewhat by always losing to...
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    Djokovic beat the most in form players at all four Slams

    Fair enough. Per UTS' Title Difficulty metric, RG 2021 ranks as Novak's 13th-most difficult slam victory; AO 2021 ranks as his 18th-most difficult. Wimbledon 2021 does, indeed, rank as his 20th-most, i.e., least, difficult slam victory, which makes sense. But then, if you compare those 3 slams...
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    Was Djoker's "I love you" genuine?

    There's no reason to think it wasn't genuine.
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    Felix on Toni as coach

    I agree that he needs to incorporate those elements in his game even more, but I can't say I don't see them at all when he plays. He hit one of the best short angle inside-out forehands I've seen all tournament against Alcaraz. Hit several effective (and a couple ineffective) drop shots. He's...
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    Djokovic-Federer take I heard at the US Open

    This is the right idea, really, but I would shift the distinction a little bit. I'd say Federer is a (slightly) more skilled tennis player, but Djokovic is (slightly) better at playing tennis (and therefore (slightly) better at winning tennis matches).
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    If a player gets beaten by his own medicine, he's probably not Federer.

    I mean, Federer's a really talented player. Who doesn't know that?
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    Worst HC player who reached Top 10 in the ATP rankings.

    Felix could also block him by beating Alcaraz and Medvedev/Van de Zandschulp
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    Top 5 Young Americans

    As of today I'll go: 1. Nakashima 2. Korda 3. Opelka 4. Tiafoe 5. Brooksby
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    They realy protected Novak from Busta.

    Really interesting that one of the few serve-and-volleyers left on tour performed so well on such a slow, high-bouncing court! :laughing:
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    So how does Ashe seem to you this year?

    Djokovic's grand slam losses - in matches that were either completed or the outcome was pretty certain - since Wimbledon 2018: Thiem Wawrinka Nadal Some pushers, those guys!!! :laughing:
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    So how does Ashe seem to you this year?

    Current and former pros at the tournament site: Quicker than last year, which was also pretty quick TTW "Experts": Slow and high bouncing Never fails.