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    Prince handle blem, more like Head 4 3/8 not 4/12

    The seller had probably shaved them down.
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    WTB: 2012 Babolat Pure Drive GT 4 3/8

    I’m looking for two. It’s for a friend. They’re only interested in 4 3/8 and the 27” 300g 100 sq in version. Please email me at dak95_00 at yahoo dot com Thank you!
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    Ruptured my plantar fascia, what to expect.

    I just turned 47. I had a plantar fascia release surgery at the very beginning of 2018. I’m 100% now without any problems. Before the surgery I was nearly unable to walk and definitely couldn’t run.
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    Recommendation for 13 year old Girl

    Head Instinct is popular for the young ladies.
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    TW needs to push a reissue of the Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody

    A friend just gave me two Prince Chang Titanium MP Longbody racquets. 95, 14x18, and 28” @graycrait theyre 4 1/2 too. I’ll let you know if I don’t like them.
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    Prince Classic´s Thread

    I learned to play golf with a friend of mine. He could hit any shot and I mean ANY shot. His downfall was in deciding what shot to play and mentally sticking to it. I only had one shot and eventually became a better golfer (on the scorecard) because I didn’t have to make decisions on each shot...
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    Help me decide what I should get next!?

    You need some classic Prince racquets. Start with the very open 14x18 pattern 90 sq in head size. The model won’t matter that much for an initial hit.
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    Most durable and serviceable ball machine

    I’ve bought and sold many. Buy the one that does the fun things you want it to do. There’s no real difference between any of them as far as mechanics goes. My experience is with Tennis Tutor, Silent Partner, and Lobster. All of their customer service departments are great. I currently use/own a...
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    What should I string my POG Tour 93 at ?

    17 is plenty. Do you have a starting clamp and do you know how to make a bridge? I’ve strung on an x2 so I get what you are saying. 18’ should be plenty. From a person with experience, newer racquets require more string. String sets used to only be 36/37’ and was plenty. Even with patterns...
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    What should I string my POG Tour 93 at ?

    What string are you using? Both examples we gave are of VERY flexible strings that stretch forever.
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    What should I string my POG Tour 93 at ?

    32’ of synthetic gut will string any Prince 90 from the 80s as a one piece. I’ll let you decide how much for each length.
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    What should I string my POG Tour 93 at ?

    Prince ProBlend @63 strung on a Prince P200 is the only way to go!
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    What happened ? Why are all the classics cheap now ?

    When Roger went to the larger headsize, all classics diminished in price and demand. Bigger is better by the standards set by the pros.
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    Prince Graphite II MP... box beam?

    I played it for some time. It’s a great racquet and I could definitely make it my everyday stick again.
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    Can players not tell tell their racquets are unmatched?

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! or Maybe that’s why she’s not top 10? (NOT!)