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    Your opinions that majority do not share vol. 2

    Murray is (was) more talented than Djokovic
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    Why some posters don't like Nadal?

    And I would read it
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    What match inspired your most depressing moment you have had as a tennis fan?

    As strange as it sounds, I still get very sad about that
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    What match inspired your most depressing moment you have had as a tennis fan?

    When Federer lost to Blake at the Olympics That one did hurt a lot
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    Federer's decline is infuriating

    Oh boy! I better get prepared for the ascension
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    Coolest name in men's tennis.

    Well, I had to: Alejandro Falla :(:(
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    AO 2018 Final - Roger Federer [1] vs Marin Cilic [6]

    On July 7th, 2009 I read this, but I thought it was something outside the realm of possibilities: "And he has not finished yet," warned Sampras. "Roger can go on to win 18 or 19 majors, perhaps even 20 because his style is so effortless and relaxed. He doesn't waste energy. He is a legend and a...
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    Question to Big 4 fans

    It was really hard to root for Federer on that day, still bugs me a bit.
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    Question to Big 4 fans

    Same here (on AO SF), was a huge Safin fan before rooting for Federer.
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    Top 10 matches on each surface

    From highlights, I'd say Sampras vs. Becker in Hannover (1996), what a match
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    Theme Songs for Players

    You have no idea how hard I've laughed at this, thanks
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    Nick Bollettieri: 'If there were more people like Roger, the world would be better'

    It's like Roger and Wimbledon, he's going for the solo record
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    When will Sampras come out and congratulate Roger?

    I've been thinking the same lately, seems like Sampras had morte faith in Federer than the rest of us: