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    Everything about serve and volley

    Everyone is talking about the volley, which is important, but the serve is way more important. If you can't make your opponent uncomfortable with your serve you won't be successful at serve and volley. You have to force your opponent to hit the return you want them to hit, and not what they...
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    Handling Short Balls

    You can play a little game where as soon as possible after the ball is hit you say to yourself 1, 2, or 3. 1 means the ball will land well short of service line on your side of the court. 2 means around the service line. 3 means a deep ball. See how close to impact you can make the...
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    Which player has the most textbook double handed backhand?

    I don't know? Good question. He's had some injury issues, and hasn't been the same player since. But, I do like his backhand a lot.
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    Which player has the most textbook double handed backhand?

    He doesn't anymore. He changed his swing a few years ago. He doesn't lag as much or take the racket behind his back like he used to. As for the most textbook backhand I'd vote for Djokovic. It's all around very solid and a good example to use for teaching.
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    MEP vs ET Match Prediction Thread

    I'm a big fan of Ian's, and frankly I'm more impressed with Ben's game than before all this started. BUT, I'm getting slightly irritated with Ian milking this like it's some sort of day time soap opera, reality TV, Texas chainsaw death match. As I understand it that matches have all been...
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    How to Improve Serve? Willing to Pay

    I agree, it's not that these correlated activities aren't helpful - but only to the extent they teach intermediate skills essential to serving (like pronating), but at some point if you want to learn to serve you have to serve. There's no substitute way to get there. For me the most helpful...
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    How to Improve Serve? Willing to Pay

    That's true. I was one of them. I could throw a ball just fine, but learning to serve as an adult was the hardest sporting technique I've ever had to learn.
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    How to Improve Serve? Willing to Pay

    Why would you hire a baseball coach to teach you tennis? Hire a tennis coach. Would you hire a tennis coach to teach you baseball? Throwing and serving are similar, but not the same. Throwing is much easier. Hire a tennis professional.
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    How to Improve Serve? Willing to Pay

    Learning to throw a baseball or football as a means to learning a tennis serve is a helpful but it's not going to give you a good tennis serve by itself. First, if you don't have good tennis serve mechanics you won't have good throwing mechanics either - you'll have to learn them. So, you're...
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    AD side T slice serve.

    Opelka has a great slice from the add side (around 0:40)
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    Overhead help

    Best advice I've gotten is to not hit it too much like a serve. You don't need a ton of power on an overhead to get it by someone, so dial back the swing. You don't need a deep drop, you don't need much pronation, and you don't need to bring the racket up on edge. You can start the swing with...
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    Reverse Slice Serve

    I I was talking to an instructor once about a guy that hit this serve but he didn't disguise it so it was obvious that he was going to hit since you could see the SW grip and he said that he'd would teach the guy to switch his grip after the toss. I think Rosol's disguise is pretty good...
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    Reverse Slice Serve

    That's a great shot!
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    Reverse Slice Serve

    Anyone use this serve? Any tips? Do you attempt to disguise it? If so how?
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    Best location to serve for S&V?

    I've always wondered why the pros don't use the body serve more? Given you do have a decent size target, you are hitting to the center of the box, and you don't have to paint the line for it to be effective.