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    Tennis vacation recommendations Xmas/New Years weeks

    I'd also give a thumbs up for the Desert Springs at the JW Marriott. The drills are always excellent, the round robin on all surfaces is fun especially if you've never played on grass. Shea and Zack are fun instructors and Jim the director is very knowledgeable. There are lost of other...
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    Tankless hot water heaters?

    Have used two in homes. They are great and energy efficient, but you need to be aware of the venting requirements (at least here in Calif.) as they require a different exhaust vent. I did have one problem with the first one I had, the house close to the ocean had a vent to the roof, as the hot...
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    Wilson Triniti Tennis Ball

    I most notice the sound the ball makes, more of a pop. It does not feel heavy rock hard to me, in fact they feel quite light and lively. They do last a good long time, at the end of 6 hours of play , they wore out. I like the environmental friendliness of the ball. Never knew that my old cans...
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    Tips for First Time Visit to Indian Wells Masters 1000

    all good suggestions....Unfortunately, I hear Federer won't be playing this year.
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    Raonic' Shirt

    Does anyone know what the 15 in the Maple leaf on Raonic's shirt means?
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    What effect will Lipitor have on my tennis game?

    I also take co-q 10 supplement.
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    What effect will Lipitor have on my tennis game?

    I've been on statins for 15 yrs, due to family history of heart disease. I have no medical issues, and play at a 4.5 level at age 58. There are no 'perfect' drugs, all have side effects, but a cardiac event will be far worse. Evaluate your own lifestyle with regards to diet, and exercise, do...
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    Recommendation for a wrist brace

    Wrist widget has worked for me. Used it for about 4 yrs for TFCC injury.
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    wrist brace

    brace I have had good luck with the wrist widget....but it might depend on your wrist injury. You can google it.
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    Southern California tennis courts, help please?!

    courts in OC Several to choose from in GG area Try Anaheim Tennis Center or Cabrillo Park Tennis (has one clay court) in Santa Ana Have fun.
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    Whats the plaster that players wearing?

    kinesio tape
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    "5-Hour Energy Drink" -- good or bad for tennis?

    Here's a link to a recent article in the LA TIMES on 5 hr and similar energy drinks.,0,3939169.story
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    Why do players using non babolat racquets have the babolat stencil?

    They were probably using babolat strings---most likely gut
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    Retailers in North County San Diego

    tennis shops I go to Hank Lloyds in Orange County but they have a shop in ENCINITAS, which is not too far from Carlsbad. 1343 Encinitas Blvd (760) 479-1020