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    Chess players vs. tennis players

    I was expecting this to be an interesting post from the title, but as usual, just like 90% of what comes from TTW, disappointing.
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    Chess players vs. tennis players

    yes, they would treat your mom just like she deserves it
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    Chess players vs. tennis players

    undisputed GOAT? lmao
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    How important is it to take a prolong break from tennis?

    I'm on a 7 years break and counting!
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    is bacon bad for you

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    Nadal gives up slam race

    Humility is always important ;)
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    Don't think USO 2011 is Djokovic's peak there

    I don't know man. Some posters might get angry at me, but Djoko 2011 might be the best performance in a GS ever against serious competition. Nadal was crazy good, and we all know what happened.