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    I got double-bagled! :)

    It will happen eventually. And there will always be the threat for it to occur. There will always be people who play much better and much worse than you. Now you have a challenge, you have to improve so the next time you play this guy you will actually give him some fight! COME ON!
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    As a Rafa fan seeing Novaks level of play today makes the semi loss to Fedr hurt more.

    Yes. But I think that's the point. Nadal won't ever win against Nole and Fed just serve botting and playing forehands to the backhand. Not anymore I'd say. Federer will simply outserve him and punish his bad return game. Or in the case Rafa holds on, he will lose three tiebreaks and be out in...
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    As a Rafa fan seeing Novaks level of play today makes the semi loss to Fedr hurt more.

    I quite disagree. We would have seen a painful loss just like in 2018. No thanks.
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    Can a "regular" player cultivate an inside-out forehand?

    I have seen lots of players who NEVER hit a backhand, and only slice and always try to go inside out FH. Myself included. Don't do it. I see it a lot at a recreational level and it's a massive weakness if you want to improve. Most players better than you will overload you, first attacking your...
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    Who was ”better” today?

    Consider thinking before showing that you're so butthurt about your idol that you went out of your way to reply to a comment, that wasn't addressed to you, with so much salt. Again if you can't notice that since 2011 Nole is so much better to Fed, that's monumentally stupid. And again, I...
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    Does doubles get respect in your area?

    I'd love doubles more if I would find a consistent partner to play with. It sucks to play doubles with a different person everytime, at least in singles I know all members of my team ;)
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    Is Djokovic a one-slam wonder?

    OP is from the future and he's only trolling us.
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    The 12-12 tiebreak - now that we've seen it, do we like it?

    I'd prefer no tiebreaks in the last set. But again Isner will get paired with a server and other matches will get pushed... What to do?
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    Who was ”better” today?

    I see it like this. Nole, in general, is so much better than Federer nowadays, that even when they are playing on grass and Fed's better it isn't enough to beat him.
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    Crisis on Infinite Courts

    Might be true. But being popular and being better or winning are different things. Novak wins regardless of if the opponent player is more loved or not.
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    Novak Djokovic Now Has A Better Winning Percentage on Grass Than Hard Court

    He is good in all surfaces. But in he would play more grass matches it would be clear that he's a better hard court player.
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    Surprised at the strength of Federer's baseline game this Wimbledon?

    He played immensely in the baseline. He defended some rallies by letting the ball bounce off his racquet rather than overhitting it, it came back with the same speed as the attacker had originally given to the ball, or even faster!