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  • Thanks DUpio. I would love to know more about your experiences pre college ! Did you ever have ambitions to go pro ? Did you rely more on academics or tennis to get you into the college of your choice ? How demanding was your High School curriculum ? Did you play more USTA tournaments or ITF's ? Which were the college coaches more interested in ? How do high level college players cope with the strong academic demands at places like Stanford or Ivy League ? Is a smaller college with strong tennis like Rice a good idea ? Did you consider playing on the tour for a few months to test it out before going to college ? How did you combine playing high level junior tournaments ( including traveling ) with class work ? Any other info you can share ? Thanks so much, Danny. Sorry if that's too many questions !
    DannyThomas, yes I can receive PM. More than glad to answer any questions and provide some of my background (dont want to do on public forum)
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