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    WANTED: Head Youtek Extreme Pro 4 1/2

    I'm looking for at least two of these frames in the $100 apiece range, although I'd be willing to purchase individually. I am interested in the 4 1/2 grip size only. The cosmetic condition is not a huge factor for me, but I'm not interested in cracked frames or frames with other structural...
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    Wanted: Pro Kennex Laver Heritage Type C 93 (Non-Redondo)

    Hi, I'm in search of a PK Laver Heritage Type C original (Silver/Gray) in the 93 Headsize. Grip Sizes larger than 4 1/2 only. Cosmetic condition is not important, but must be 100% structurally sound. Please e-mail me at Thanks
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    Federer's secret coach, Reto Staubli.

    Just had to point out (as a person very familiar with executive and employee compensation) that he is most certainly NOT making more than Roger. Most Fortune 30 CEOs in the US make between $15-$25 ($25 in a VERY strong year) million annually in total compensation, and their European...
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    Tennis Players' Fitness and the Age Question

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Here's a link to the article I referenced. From Reuters Health&Fitness Jan. 28.
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    Tennis Players' Fitness and the Age Question

    First of all, I realize that this discussion has happened before, but I was hoping to shed some more light on the topic by having a multi-faceted discussion. Positive and helpful responses are appreciated. First point about age decline in tennis: Yes, the offseason is non-existent. Is this...
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    Don't Stop Believin'

    I think Lisa Raymond was down 6-0, 5-0 at the French a few years ago and came back to win...yep, at the 2004 FO she was down 6-0, 5-0 against Lubomira Kurhajcova in the 1st round and came back to win 0-6, 7-5, 6-3.
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    Anyone remember this match?

    It's surprising that he made it that far in 2002, because the "slower" grass had been implemented in 2001. S&V all the way for Krajicek!
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    Will Gasquet become more successful than Djokovic and Murray

    I agree with the above posters that he is the most talented, but that having the most talent doesn't necessarily equate to having the most success (see Safin, Malisse, Stich, Rios, etc). For me, the X factor is Gasquet's all-court, all-surface game. He grew up on clay but has proven his best...
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    Rafa Upset?

    Mardy definitely isn't the favorite and he'd have to play great to keep it close. Keep in mind though that he scored a few major upsets in Australia and grass is the only surface that Mardy would have a legitimate shot on against Nadal.
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    Spadea's Wimbledon rap lyrics

    I remember meeting Vince "Ain't afraid of ya" Spadea in Madrid last year after he lost in the qualies. He was really nice but must have been crazy since he was trying to pick up some girl who worked at the tournament even though his Spanish wasn't so great. At least he wasn't full of himself...
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    Question about prototype 03 Tour

    Thanks in advance for your help. About a week ago, I was given an 03 Tour by a friend of mine for stringing. I had previously heard from him that the racquet was given to his older brother by a Prince rep at some indoor tournament or clinic. I had hit with this racquet and was surprised by my...
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    Fed & Nadal versus Roddick & Blake!

    Actually, they use red clay imported from the same supplier that gives to the French Open. Anyways, I see your point but tennis is about revenue and the tourneys that make the least amount of profit get canned, its economics and in the long run, it IS better for the sport.
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    Ferrero vs. Gasquet, Quarterfinal

    I pick Gasquet in 2. Ferrero is a logical choice but just has never been the same since the beginning of 2004, and Gasquet is surprisingly playing well in his first outing on the clay. His groundstrokes are very well suited to the dirt even though he doesn't appear to be a claycourt-type...
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    Is Dr. Ivo the exception to the 'rules'? *Possible Spoiler*

    After witnessing how well Karlovic played on clay, and the fact that he is enormous and has a heinous ground game by clay court standards, I can't help but think that he is the exception to the traditional school of thought about different surfaces in tennis. First off, he just won a title ON...
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    stencil for pro's racquets-poly strings

    It sticks to Polyester just fine bust tends to wear off much faster than from synthetic gut type strings. I just use Yonex or whatever and all poly and there is no problem with it not sticking.