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    I just got bageled by a 3.0 with no control

    I had a match earlier this year like this, the guy shanked every 3rd shot (not exaggerating, maybe even being generous), and somehow the ball would always land no more than a foot away from the baseline. I lost, largely because like you say, it's tough to read the shot when the person hitting it...
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    Social Meania

    I assume these threats come from bettors who lost?
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    Poor Marketing no wonder tennis is dying in the US.

    Svitolina was doing some events in Chicago in the lead up to the tournament, at least according to her Instagram. She seemed to have a decent following due to the (large?) Ukrainian population there. It did seem the Cleveland tournament was better run, albeit with less notable players
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    Coach Aggressively Accusing Player Of Giving Lessons..

    I've been on the internet for a long time and I don't think I've ever seen a place with more pedantic arguments than TTW
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    Novak sporting new Speed Pro paintjob?

    Head must've had some of the old Instinct paint sitting in a warehouse somewhere
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    Coach Aggressively Accusing Player Of Giving Lessons..

    I guess there are advantages to living in a place like Minnesota, people here are way too passive-aggressive to do something like this. They would just shoot dirty looks towards the "illegal" lesson and perhaps make comments to their hitting partner loud enough so the offender could hear it. Of...
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    How to stop these ridiculous bathroom breaks?

    A 3-5 minute time limit from when they enter the dressing room (have to take into account that some facilities aren't close to the courts) seems reasonable to me, that would give enough time to have a complete change of clothes or use the toilet. After the clock is up, they're on their own time...
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    Cincinnati - the real Slam

    Judging from the amount of rain they've had the last two days, I'd say God isn't too happy with the Big 3's absence this year
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    Losing the warmup

    I've had warmups like that, and the opponent couldn't claim possible heatstroke as an excuse. Not sure what's worse though, this or just trying to blast winners
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    Question about US OPEN

    Here are the safety guidelines for the tournament:
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    So uh, how's 2021 going for you?

    I stuck to flex leagues this year, as I didn't quite feel comfortable with USTA league quite yet (I'm lukewarm on that anyway), and it's been an up and down year. I didn't play at all in 2020, and 2019 was not good for me tennis-wise, so I guess it's been OK all things considered. It has been...
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    How much do you typically pay for a string job with your own string?

    $15-25 dollars, usually it's a 1-2 day turnaround. There is one shop that charges extra for hybrid stringing which baffles me so I don't go there. They're on the expensive side anyway.
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    Which player do you like best and which player do you hate the most?

    The one player I will always root against no matter who he's playing is Opelka. I don't enjoy watching him play, and when he argues with the officials he comes off as very childish. I'm sure he's a nice guy off of the court but on court I don't care for him at all.
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    Question about US OPEN

    The USO has been selling tickets for close to a month now, and they are selling grounds passes. As of right now I don't think they have announced any restrictions and every indication is that it will be 100% capacity, but obviously things can change quickly. This is what their website says...
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    TLN vs. NTRP ratings

    I've been playing TLN in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a few years, and I would say that the ratings are roughly equivalent to USTA in my area, maybe slightly inflated as you say. I believe there is an explanation of the ratings somewhere on the website, and I think they say that matches with sets...