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    tennis racquet and string fitting

    Saying golf is simple goes against what most pro athletes say is the toughest challenge in sport. First is hitting a major league fastball. Second is golf. The ball doesn’t move but it’s tiny as Is the club sweet spot. The lies are not uniform. And you have to put this tiny ball in a 4 inch...
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    Rackets for tennis elbow

    Google and the internet are the technologic equivalent of the french fry. The French Fry is the best and worst food invention of all time. The internet is the same for technology inventions. Nothing like a place that is totally void of curation where any crock can put up a website, claim...
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    Is doubles a separate game than singles? And Is doubles not easier?

    In Canada we don't have USTA. Singles leagues are unheard of. City and club leagues are mostly doubles. Singles is a tournament endeavour largely.
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    Rackets for tennis elbow

    No I'm not a "sports doctor" but I've seen oodles of TE as GP's send them to me to rule out a radiculopathy. Most of it's actually not from sports. Guess too much bad hammering, waitressing, seamstressing, Mousing etc. technique. So I've been fixing TE for over 30 years too. It's easy to do...
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    Polyester string tension and arm Issues

    These people are able to play with non-resilient strings and so make them even less resilient suits their purpose of playability and longevity. Buyer beware however. Not every elbow can tolerate this. I can't go near Kirschbaum strings for that reason. Even the 18g stuff feels like...
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    Rackets for tennis elbow

    And as a doctor I can tell you that the cause of TE is multifactorial just like a lot of chronic conditions. Usually it's a lot of factors all combining of which technique is only a part of the equation. The next time someone tells me they fixed their TE by fixing their technique will be the...
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    Prince phantom 107G

    Finished hitting with the 107G and 16g Sensation. 16g is the better gauge for this racket. Less lively but still lots of power. Sensation is a pretty mediocre string but it looks nice in the racket. What I'm not digging now is the lighter grip I've got on. Seems more HH than I'd like. So I...
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    How to get used to US Open balls (coming from Penn Championship XD)

    This so much! I routinely play on clay and the number of odd bounces you face and have to quickly adapt to are legion. Last thing I worry about is what balls I'm playing with as by the third game the accumulated dust and moisture has changed them entirely. Tennis isn't played in a...
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    Rackets for tennis elbow

    Changing a racket is far easier than changing well established technique. It's not even remotely close. And the amount of reps and practice needed would likely aggravate the TE because frequency of play is one of the leading causes. I've been able to fix TE every time with a gear change and...
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    Rackets for tennis elbow

    Any O-Port frame from Prince. As well as all their Phantoms. Head Gravity line Wilson Clash and v7 Blades Avoid poly. IF you want some easy power from the frame then these models will provide it: Wilson Clash Prince Ripstick Prince Phantom 107G IF you want more control oriented experience...
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    How to get used to US Open balls (coming from Penn Championship XD)

    Weather and surface conditions are going to produce more variability than the differences in fresh balls. You need to be able to adapt to multiple conditions to play solid tennis. US Opens are great balls and you will likely see them a lot. No excuse to not be able to play with them and adjust.
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    I'm one month too old to be an X'er but I still relate more to Gen X than the Boomers. You'll catch me listening a lot more to Pearl Jam than the Beetles. I do swing with a Semi Western FH that is more modern than my old straight arm eastern FH. More akin to Agassi than Nadal (or Lendl for...
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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    With a 64 RA and O-ports I suspect it will absorb too much ball energy to be the most powerful 100 Sq inch frame on the market. I think it will be really similar to a Head Extreme MP from the appearance and specs. But we'll see what Power Player thinks.
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    tennis racquet and string fitting

    I've done independent club fitters for money and I've done in retail fitters in stores for free. The results always come out the same as they use similar equipment to analyze your swing. I'm not too concerned anymore about being "up sold" since I generally have a good idea of what I'm looking...
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    Line Dispute (Video)... Any Opinions?

    You do know we Canadians only say "oot" around Americans just to get a kick out of your reactions. I'm really hoping that Americans are doing the same thing when they say "y'all".