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    WTF 2017 QF - Sock vs Zverev

    I lurk here at work when I'm bored/want to know how a match is going and it's always you speaking in absolutes about players who have yet to truly prove themselves. Zverev "almost" beating a Federer (who's not playing his best either I might add) while taking a bread stick in the third doesn't...
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    WTF 2017 QF - Sock vs Zverev

    Lol. You are unbearably obnoxious. I literally logged on after months just to say this. Rather than people getting excited about the next gen there's people who root against them just to see you get humbled a bit. Trashing the old guard is not a necessity to support the new guard. Grow up.
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    Why is TTW dead?

    It's true. I haven't logged on (literally) in years but I've been lurking. It's pretty cringe worthy (I don't want to click threads regarding my favorite player..sad no?) .....but i can't see how it'd be any different if another member of the spotlight hogging squad won lol. "Nadal DCOGGS"...
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    How many "fans" will Novak lose on this board?

    What if you're a Fedole fan!?
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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    Unfortunate. Gonna log out and wish this place another farewell. I enjoyed this tournament. Old man is still #3, can still fight, compete, still hungry, still cares etc. Ever since I left this place I've enjoyed the sport a lot more because i don't have to read the constant animosity and...
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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    Federer teared up when he heard Nole talk about starting his own that bad? Quickly reminded why i don't bother with this place anymore.
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    How many "fans" will Novak lose on this board?

    None. Fed has 17 overall. And 7 of these, let Nole start racking up some grass cups. I logged on for the first time since 2012 to congratulate the guy lol. Making the final was all i could have asked for. Just to show he still can.
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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    Haven't logged in in forever. Congrats to Nole, if Roger didn't get 18 it was Novak i wanted to win this ever so badly. New #1 and a New #3. The true big 3 is back (well, rather Big 2 and a feisty old man heh)
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    Murray accomplished something none of the other top 4 achieved

    If its like this when Murray gets ONE...I'm scared for when he gets 2 or 3...
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    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    He deserved's about time, next year should be interesting. They can officially stop saying big 3 and call it big 4 now haha.
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    GS won by 4 different male players this year

    Coincidentally, Nole was ranked #1 winning the first slam of the year. Nadal was ranked #2 winning the second. Federer was ranked #3 when he won the third, Murray ranked #4 when he wins the 4th and final slam...thats cool in a weird way lol.
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    Why Was Federer so Subdued in Victory

    He was basically crying in his chair. That's enough. How is is that less respect?
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    Do we have closure now or...

    Lol i've been calling fed a troll since number 15. He didn't need anymore. Everything since 15 has been gravy. The only reason i wanted him to win more was because of all the hate around here....
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    Sampras? Sampras who?

    Leave Pete alone :(