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    Nike Fall 2018

    I think you’re right! On their insta same framed pic from post on his Stuttgart and Halle stuff!
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    Customizations by Kimguroo ^_^

    Graphic looks awesome! I made a vector of this image as well, but having a hard time finding a printer that can print it with all the smaller details cut out... do you have a specific printer you use? Thanks!
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    Nikecourt x Roger Federer Collection

    How do you typically post photos to these forums? I want to just upload, but that doesnt seem to be an option!! Thanks!
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    Nikecourt x Roger Federer Collection

    I picked up the shoes and one of the long sleeve shirts (sweatshirt)... the shoes are sharp and pretty comfortable. The shirt is very nice... great quality and nice look! I'll try to post some pics in the am.
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    Camo Rafa LBs - limited edition???

    What size are they??? I'll take them off your hands!
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    Limited Ed. Vapor 9.5s US Open

    The graphic looks great! Could you tell me more about how you got it and printed, etc.? thanks!!
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    2014 US open Nike exclusive items

    Sorry meant to say westcoast ace called it!
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    2014 US open Nike exclusive items

    Anyone seen feds ice bucket challenge video? You called the hyper nike swoosh!
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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    someone posted a picture of Feds USO night outfit on here (mostly black) where can I find this picture again?!?! Thanks
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    What is this nike vapor?

    Awesome! What state are you in? Would love to find these around my area (Charlotte, NC)