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    It's all Roger's fault

    What eloquence! Couldn't have done better myself. Especially the part where she said she was going to log off. What a ballsy move.
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    word association game

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    Top 100 late starting tennis player?

    As a "New User" myself I would also like to contribute my feelings of disagreement, culminating in an expression of "no"
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    Sports Illustrated article pushing BO3 at slams

    Sports Illustrated is nice and all but they don't really deserve an opinion on this topic. Sorry Sports Illustrated
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    Best Tournament in the US to visit (under 1000s level)?

    I would say the Citi Open and US Men’s Clay in Houston
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    It is hard not to like Novak !

    Yeah it’s rly hard to write discussions like this. You need a really strong, well-formed, and sophisticated opinion. It’s so much more than a statement of preference/bias. I wish the entire forum was just posts like these
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    ROTFL I can't stop laughing

    What a meticulously and carefully crafted post. Perfectly demonstrates the intellect of the poster without any form of bias. Very mature and articulate word choice. I rate this post 10/10
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    Suppose you play your idol in an important Slam final

    If you don't then your idol will not respect you, and that's a pretty tough blow
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    Djokovic owes the ball boy an apology

    Apologies for the ignorance, but what happened? I didn’t notice anything between Nole and a ball boy
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    Federer and Djokovic just don't like eachother

    What do y'all want them to do? Hold hands? Kiss? Go to someone's house and cuddle? It's a sport not a reality tv show. I doubt that when you make friends with someone who is also your competitor that y'all hug and chat for 10 minutes after a long match. Get a grip
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    How to Prevent Shoelaces From Breaking?

    I'm wearing 2018 Barricades, and I went through three laces on my left shoe because they keep breaking at the bottom eyelet. I am pretty sure it is because I slide too much. Has anyone devised a way to prevent this? Or does anyone know a particular brand of shoelaces that are more durable?
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    Best bag for biking?

    I started biking to my courts but my freaking bag keeps slipping of my shoulders. Any suggestions?
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    In/Out Device

    LOL my school courts are blue and white on the outside. It's newly resurfaced so it's freaking hard to see the lines on the other side. I'm pretty sure this man will have a hard time seeing base lines and doubles XD
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    Kristina Mladenovic appreciation thread!

    My boi Thiem getting that coochie ;)