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    Novak celebration

    I think it was subdued in respect of Roger and deep down he knows he should have lost the match.
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    I Bow Down Before Thy GOAT

    Djokovic is still only number 3 in the slam race, LOL :-D
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    I Bow Down Before Thy GOAT

    Did he win #21. I missed it, when did that happen?
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    Federer would have won Wimbledon if he were using his K90. The RF97 extended his career but muted his aggression....

    I think it's just the opposite, he would have won more had he switched earlier, he probably would have won Wimbledon 08, USO 09, 10, 11, AO 09 just to name a few.
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    The logic here. Djokovic will stay the same until he is 38 but Wawrinka is washed up at 34, doesn't make sense.
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    Maybe or he could go into another slump like he did two years ago. Nothing is for certain.
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    Federer should do a Rafter and just admit he choked

    I don't think he choked but he could have done better. At 40-30 with that weak return he had so many options to win the point. Djokovic is in a bad position and he could have hit forehand inside out with a good angle to draw Djokovic out wide on the backhand and then follow up by a forehand to...
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    Federer is SUCH and EPIC pusher, it's not even funny

    First time watching grass tennis?
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    I want your excuses why Nadal won Wimbledon 2008

    Federer played blindfolded with his left hand on one leg.
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    Leo Borg....

    Leo got a wild card to Wimbledon juniors qualifiers!
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    Uncle Toni blasts Wimbledon seeding "disrespectful and arrogant"

    I hope this will be the start of Wimbledon changing and in the end allow colored outfits. Tennis has changed and Wimbledon should too.
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    Argh! LOSING match but winning more games overall

    Tennis was never about winning most games. You should focus on why you lost the important points in the 2nd and tie-breaker because obviously they lost you the match.
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    Elite soccer players play tennis (tiebreak)

    I don't know how much you have watched Muller play soccer but he plays tennis the same way he plays soccer if that tells you something.
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    Federer: Nike shirts look like a truck drove over it

    Now we know how they created the design for this one. They laid down a white shirt and had a truck drive over it!
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    Federer Wimbledon Kit

    Wimbledon kits all look the same nowadays. They hardly allow any color, so boring. I don't remember any kit from last year.