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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Just going back to the twistweight posts. How much variation between frames can be expected? Is the TWU twistweight # an average of several racquets or just a sample? I do think its a relevant parameter for racquets but we don't get much background. It is interesting that the earlier 16x19...
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Anyone know if they have the same inward angle thing as the vapor 10s?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    These anemic frames do exist. I tried to grab a third CV blade as a backup for my others. I think the SW was 20 pts less with similar static weight/balance. there was absolutely I could do to make it feel close. I guess it happens. Made me a TW-matching customer for life.
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    Probably comes down to personal preference. I was a long-time 6.1/pro staff player so I think I'm just more used to the HL balance. I notice the difference most on volleys/touch shots. For groundstrokes, either setup is great. I like the feeling of weight in the head - and the blade provides...
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    340g/330-335 SW (depending on strings) is a great spec for the blade. Easily attainable with a little weight in handle. I like some lead wrapped at the top and blue tack under buttcap.
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    Nike Cage 3

    Also love them. I think on number 5 now. They are pretty durable for me in terms of the sole and remaining supportive. I think a few guys have issues tearing through the uppers on some slides (but I'd imagine that problem would exist on any shoe if that's how you play. I slide but not really on...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Agree with above on comparisons to the speed. Blade is unique in that it generally feels more powerful than almost all of its competitors/similar spec'd frames.
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    Blade 98 CounterVail 16x19 how are you setting it up?

    6 grams of blue tack stuffed in butt. 6 grams of lead wrapped around 7. 2 g lead at 12. Gut/poly 54/50.
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Still have the sock/bootie design?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Never realized they were all slightly different (beam widths). Can anyone confirm the beam on the new ones?
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    Closest Retail Wilson racquet to H22

    Blades are still your best bet. Prince 100p as well (but that's a 100).
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    Best shoes for bunions

    Seems fairly common. I have them, both feet/both sides. Obviously wider toe-box shoes make a difference.... but the biggest thing I look for is a lack of seams right on that bunion. Just an example with Nike - most people think the Vapor X is a little wider (especially in toe box) than the Cage...
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    The Aeropro Drive Original will arguably go down as the best modern racquet of all's why

    Tried one because of this hype... still felt like complete s%&*
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    Do these still have a pretty significant heel-to-toe drop? On the first version the heel cushioning seemed great - but not much up front and it seemed to create a pretty big drop.
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    ASICS Court FF 2 Clay Court Petition for USA

    I really like clay-specific shoes and think they do make a difference. However, my clay shoes (which I only use on clay) last like 3-4x longer than my HC shoes - has to have something to do with it? Also not the worst thing knowing that you have a little traction advantage over your opponent :)