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    The H2H Debate

    The only sense in which Nadal is better at 24-years-old than Federer was at 24-years-old is on clay.
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    The H2H Debate

    The h2h does not validate Nadal as an all-time great. His title wins do. If the h2hs carried that weight, we would have to also recognize the all-time greatness of Paul Haarhuis, Richard Krajicek and Michael Stich, for example, simply because they have superior h2hs against Sampras. H2hs can...
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    Federer without Annacone at Cincinnati Masters

    I think this is more perception than reality. He's well aware that the press describe him as stubborn, but rejected this idea in Toronto, saying he likes a coach to be involved and critically examine his game.
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    note to the people denigrading HC tennis

    Actually, a lot of players who grew up on clay do well on hardcourts, comparative to their results on clay. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Del Potro, Nalbandian, Ferrer, Ferrero, Moya etc. and from the past, Becker, Lendl, Borg etc. Nadal's, Ferrero's, Moya's and Borg's styles are more in that of...
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    Nadal or Federer-Their Best Shot

    No comparison. I'm sure all pros can hit the tweener, but the sheer pace and nonchalant style with which Federer executes that shot is without rival. Poise and style points are off the chart, and the venom on the US Open one is serious.
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    Nadal or Federer-Their Best Shot

    This shot that Federer hits from under his armpit, as opposed to through his legs, with the forehand side of his racket and back completely to the net is probably the most ridiculous shot I have ever seen. Neither of the shots you posted come close to this in terms of sheer outrageousness. 'It's...
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    Kafelnikov in his prime would be nightmare opponent for Federer

    Federer=GOAT. Kafelinikov=a very good also ran. GOAT>a very good also run.
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    Kafelnikov in his prime would be nightmare opponent for Federer

    A 2-4 h2h was very respectable for a young Federer against an experienced player like Kafelnikov. Federer suffered much worse h2hs against Hewitt and Nalbandian coming up, but that all changed as he improved.
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    Kafelnikov in his prime would be nightmare opponent for Federer

    The same Kafelnikov who is 1-7 against Hewitt? I don't think so. Kafelnikov was a great player, but Federer is GOAT. Big difference.
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    Is this the strongest era ever?

    Perfect response.
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    Why don't Federer try different things against Nadal

    It's not so much about strategy as execution. It does not matter what strategy you use if you do not execute it well enough. Roddick beat Nadal because he executed better than him during key moments. It might not work out like that next time. Let's also remember Roddick has the best serve in the...
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    Is Nadal the greatest clay court player of all time?

    I don’t think anyone seriously believes Nadal would hit the ball as well as he does now with a wooden racket. Obviously, he is not going to be able to generate the same spin or pace. My guess is that people are making the calculation that Nadal’s upside is stronger than Borg’s, regardless of the...
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    Is Nadal the greatest clay court player of all time?

    Please, do you seriously think if new technology had not been introduced, generations after Borg would have had anymore difficulty using wood than his generation and generations before? Do you think that new generations would not have been able to take up the mantle from where he left off and...
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    Justine Henin: A disappointment to say the least.

    I don't particularly care for Henin, but I think she has done quite well so far. After a 2 year lay-off, she made the final in her 1st tournament back, but lost in a tight match. Made a Slam final in only her second event, lost another tight final. Made the semis in Miami. Those are excellent...