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    RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]

    The numbers only tell part of the story. Nadal and Djokovic have gone their entire career without having to face a younger all time great. Federer had to deal with two.
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    If Djokovic wins this set it's likely game over. No way Nadal wins a fifth set against Djokovic regardless of the service. He'll run out of gas.
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    Has Nadal been extraordinarily lucky at the French Open?

    He has been lucky in so much that he hasn't had to face a significantly younger all time great throughout the entirety of his career. Same goes for Djokovic. The fact that Federer has achieved as much as he has whilst having to deal with two significantly younger all time greats is frankly mind...
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    Delpo has more talent than any of today's young players

    You really get some perspective on how easy Djokovic (and Nadal for that matter) have had it when you consider that the Aust Open final was only the second time that Djokovic had faced a younger opponent in a Grand Slam final. Nadal and Djokovic will likely go their entire careers without having...
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    How did Nadal get such a ridiculous draw compared to Djoker & especially Fed?

    To be fair Nadal has had his fair share of cakewalk draws especially at the US Open. The reason Nadal has never won the WTF is that it is impossible to get an easy draw at that event. You have to play the best and beat the best.
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    Novak comment on Fed : “He showed me he is one of the best players of all time.”

    The lack of respect for Federer on this forum is sad. The man is a sporting icon - one of the greatest sportsman of all time. Nadal or Djokovic may yet surpass Federer's slam total yet neither will ultimately enjoy the legacy of Federer nor be considered greater than him by the majority. That...
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    I miss matches like 2006 US Open Federer v. Roddick :(

    This is (yet) another reason why Federer is so great. He has played through the modern evolution of tennis from a sport that favoured attacking multi-dimensional players to one that favoured players that adopted a counter punching, defence orientated, one dimensional baseline strategy. It is...
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    Medvedev to have the last laugh in NYC?

    I will be supporting Medvedev in the final. The last thing tennis needs is 'Barry Bonds' records.
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    Roger is the easy favorite for the title right now

    And yet Federer has 6 Aust Opens to Nadal's 1. Clearly Federer is the better player at the Aust Open.
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    Would Djokovic resigned if he was winning?

    This was as bad as Nadal in 2014 at the Aust Open. Stan deserves better. He beat both of them fair and square in my book.
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    Roger Federer has never retired in his career

    At this point it is. One of greatest sportsman of all time in the twilight of his career desperately defending his records against much younger stronger opponents. Compelling narrative.