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    String tension, control vs power, how spin fits in and what it really means?

    When I tried low tension poly my swingpath naturally became more vertical than through the ball to keep the ball in which also resulted in me shanking the ball more than usual. I don’t use a full western grip either but found myself closing the racquet face a lot more.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    You can say that racquet has a higher potential for spin
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    Shapovalov Geneva Sleeves What's he wearing underneath? I can't tell if it's a long sleeve or just individual sleeves. I definitely want to get some myself since the sun sometimes burns a hole through my skin.
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    Five double faults in one service game

    You have a point but not sure what got under your skin. As for OP, mental toughness is a thing no matter the situation. As long as I play my best tennis or my tennis improves, I still feel good. Winning is bonus.
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    Muted feel of a Racquet

    FWIW, personally touch shots become tough for me when there is too much dampening. It’s not just a sound thing for me when you use a dampener, the vibrations become a lower frequency and everything just kind of feels the same but with different volume depending on the shot and power. I played...
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    Muted feel of a Racquet

    I see a lot of people on TTW and also IRL talk about a racquet being muted or not getting much feedback from the ball. A lot of times they fail to mention if a dampener is used in conjunction. Folks IRL tell me they feel like the racquet is too muted but I also see them using a dampener, and...
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    Strings for Heavy Spin Baseliner, was on RPM Rough but tension loss

    I tried PLII and I think it's a decent string with some pocketing and comfort but it somehow lacks spin. Tension maintenance was good but it gets notched pretty easily but not as easily as the max power..
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    Tennis Elbow. Am I doomed?

    Does your forearm feel very sore or do you feel you sometimes have the grip the handle tight when trying to rip it?
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    The underhand serve is becoming more prevalent

    I first learned that you can do underhand serves from watching pros. When i first started i would waiter tray my serve in.
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    How are my groudnies?

    This was my experience too. If you hit with a lot of topspin, it makes the ball pop up too much and doesn't come back to you and forces you to move up and then you have to move back again after that. I think it can be useful if you're being very deliberate with your technique but the ball...
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    How to decrease weight in tennis rackets

    All I’m saying is that heavy racquets absorbing the force of the tennis better than lighter racquets is not exactly accurate. Of course, weight in the handle will contribute to sw and that adds to your point but more mass in the head will be immensely more useful in resisting incoming force of...
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    How to decrease weight in tennis rackets

    Like Irvin mentioned, it’s the sw of the racquet that really matters. Our hand acts as a pivot for centripetal force. You’re looking at small part of the physics equation so...
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    How to decrease weight in tennis rackets

    This is not exactly accurate because the ball is not striking your hand. Just because the racquet is heavier doesn’t mean it will absorb the ball force like you said. I’m sure someone else can explain this better.
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    Gray OG-Sheep Micro 16

    I have never seen this before. Is this a legitimate OG-Sheep Micro?
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    String/Setup Query

    Multi tend to be more power and less durable than syn guy at same tension. I would suggest you try thicker gauge synthetic gut which helps your durability and power issue.