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    Is doubles a separate game than singles? And Is doubles not easier?

    This is almost maybe relevant to this thread (or not). I have a fun personal record that I'm sure no one but me cares about. Started playing a few tournaments a year maybe like 5-6 years ago. Sometimes I play both singles and doubles at a tournament. I enjoy the challenge of singles but...
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    Are big changes to USTA and NTRP on the horizon?

    Interesting. I noticed that WTN is, like UTR, intended to be gender neutral. I wonder if the usta potentially switching to WTN might also pave the way to some gender neutral leagues or tournaments. I’d be all for it. Would the general population be on board? Not so sure.
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    Updated statement from USTA National

    Locally here, it is exactly the opposite. 18+ had 2 weeks left in the regular season and 40+ was just getting ready to start. Could be another headache trying to coordinate sectionals/nationals this year if the same type of local leagues didn't even get started from area to area. Not that...
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    rule question : very very quick underhand serve

    IMO, based on the wording of the rule cited in this thread, technically a quick catch and release prior to the underhand serve is legal. Just tapping the ball with your off hand before the serve is not. it’s probably not a perfect rule and I doubt this particular possibility was a...
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    So here is my theory, I'm open to someone showing me that I'm wrong. But I think that TR can't tell if someone was actually bumped up or bumped down, if they ended up back at their previous level with an A next to them and they didn't capture before the appeal. A couple other people that I...
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    First USTA 8.0 match of the year

    No one was talking about cheating. For any sport or game where the goal is to win, being good at that game is exactly the same thing is being good at winning (while playing that game within the rules of that game.)
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    First USTA 8.0 match of the year

    Player 1: *Checkmate* Player 2: What? That doesn't even matter. Don't go confusing being good at chess with being good at winning.
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    Ok so I was bumped to 4.0 but appealed back down to 3.5 and am 3.5 A. TR apparently thinks I was bumped down to 3.0 and had to appeal back up to 3.5, as they reset my rating to 3.00. So now they’re around .5 off for me. That’s also going to mess up their ratings calculations for all my...
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    Only 1 singles for Nationals 40+ :(

    Our local league (San Antonio) is staying with the 2 S /3 D format for the 40+ 4.5+ league during regular season and local playoffs. . They cited concerns with the 5.0s monopolizing the singles line if there was only one singles and the 4.5s in the league never getting to play singles. The...
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    I do agree with this. Why should people across the entire state be bumped because some captain and team in Houston spends all their free time trying to game the system and wins nationals?
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    Not all bump ups even dominated at their lower level, for whatever that's worth, especially this year in sections with an large % of bump ups like Southern and Texas. By my best count I went 11-10 in league matches that counted towards USTA rating this past year, all 3.5 matches, never playing...
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    Definitely not in agreement. I'm a 3.19 on TR, have a teammate who is a 3.14, both bumped to 4.0. So it was off by >.30 in both cases and >.35 in my teammates case.
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    2019 All TT Team - 3.5 Men

    Interesting. Thanks. I really had no idea I was even close. And I was proud of that 1 game against that 4.5 sangbagger! lol And I'm guessing the one kinda lopsided win at sectionals is playing a big role too (my opponents had a really off match in that one imo). For whatever it's worth, I...
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    2019 All TT Team - 3.5 Men

    Out of curiosity, was I included in consideration for this? I seem to remember putting my name in the hat at some point in the past. The main reason I ask is because I was bumped to 4.0 somehow, but was able to appeal down to be a 3.5 A. But I'm curious if I was on the list for this and...
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    When do you expect USTA ratings to come out?

    I got bumped to 4.0, which was a real shock. Right at a .500 record (almost all doubles) at 3.5. TennisRecord has me as a 3.19 (!). I did an auto-appeal and it was granted, so I'm a 3.5A now, but still, I'm flabbergasted that I was even anywhere close. All my results this year point to me...