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    Picking one machine in Gym!

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    Hallux Rigidus - Big toe joint pain

    I had a similar condition a few years ago. (Hallux Limitus - the joint was not totally rigid. It still had a limited degree of flexibility.) It really didn't bother me too much in my everyday life, but it made running and playing tennis a living hell. I did some research about the condition and...
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    The Ultimate Rudeness (chatting on a cell phone during a game!)

    One of the guys I frequently play with owns his own business. Since he's the boss, he can often schedule time to play tennis during the workday. The downside is that he has to be available in case something important comes up. I'm grateful for the fact that I have someone to play when the courts...
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    Lwr Back hurts during Squats

    Rip's da man when it comes to strength training!!!!
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    Preventing Ankle Sprains

    I won't step on a tennis court without ASO braces on both ankles. They've saved my bacon more times than I can count. Worth their weight in gold IMO.
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    Cincinnati Picture Thread

    Fantastic pics. Yeah, but I've noticed that it's getting bigger every year. I wonder how the new format will affect the crowd next year.
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    Chest Press Machine :shock::shock::shock:
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    What's the first thing you should do about back trouble?

    An observation that can apply to other recreational activities too. :oops:
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Stewardesses in 3-D
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    Do you ever do exercises to improve your balance?

    Although I rarely exercise just for balance, I do incorporate 1 leg Romanian dead lifts into my workouts. By holding a dumbbell in the hand opposite the leg you are standing on, you can get a great unilateral hip flexor workout that also works your balance.
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    Did you get your Super-Vision Implants yet?

    I've been wondering that too. As I get older I notice that exercise does not produce the same results it used to. Also, I read a book recently (can't remember the name or the author) that stated that around 10% of people (of all ages) exhibit absolutely no response to exercise. Now THAT...
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    Did you get your Super-Vision Implants yet?

    Nope, not even a man crush or a bromance. I just admire Robert for standing his ground in the face of Father Time. Bud, sounds like YOU'RE the one who'd better not bend over to pick up that bar of soap.
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    Did you get your Super-Vision Implants yet?

    If your posts on here are an accurate reflection of your reality, you're a pretty studly dude. What do you think your life expectancy is? What about your tennis life expectancy? Can't say for sure, but I bet you'd get your money's worth.
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    Did you get your Super-Vision Implants yet?

    ^^ Where do I sign up? :shock: