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    Anyone regret telling their hitting partners that you can string a racket?

    Learned my lesson. NO. If you string it for free they think you didn't charge them because you don't know how to. Of course if you charge them then they think you're greedy. I strung a friend's racquet and a couple of weeks later he accidentally flung it into the court head first and cracked it...
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    I see your point. Is this situation like when a hat falls off? The person whose hat falls off can't call a let but the opponent can either decide to keep playing or call a hinderance. The first time it is a let and the second time it's loss of point. Perhaps it is better to lose a point than to...
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    In a league match, my partner serves and as the ball is being returned to him I turn around and see a ball rolling on our court. Thinking it came from the adjacent court I call a let. However, our opponents say the ball had fallen out of the servers pocket. They claim the point. One more thing...
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    Favorite string NAME?

    Bad Monkey is good.
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    Can Rackets be broken by the person stringing it?

    It would be impossible for the stringer not to notice that crack. It bent the frame. The fact he gave it back without mentioning it implies a guilty conscience. However, you could have cracked it. Did you play with it before you saw the crack?
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    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    Mitt Rocker. Great racquets. Not made anymore.
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    Interesting drama over ball on court, server readiness, and an underhand serve...

    You're right about the played in good faith rule if the point at issue was considered played. But, I thought the issue was whether the point was actually played, i.e., that it counted. If the receiver actually took a split step after the server hit the underhand serve then he obviously was...
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    Interesting drama over ball on court, server readiness, and an underhand serve...

    You mean a person standing standing on the baseline who may look like he's ready to receive a serve can't say he wasn't ready? Hasn't everyone been quick served before they were actually ready? An underhanded serve just doesn't work if it isn't done quickly. How quick is too quick? Anyway, right...
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    Interesting drama over ball on court, server readiness, and an underhand serve...

    It looks like the receiver wasn't being honest, but the point is there shouldn't be a debate about it. The server can ask but the final decision has to be the receivers. The played in good faith rule doesn't have anything to do with this situation. It has to do with mistakes in the score, not...
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    What to do when captain puts me with weak partners?

    The original poster has gotten a lot of unfair criticism. All he is saying is that he is frustrated losing with partners of lesser skill. Who is going to deny losing all of the time is frustrating. Playing with people with less skill all of the time is frustrating. But the bottom line is that...
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    Interesting drama over ball on court, server readiness, and an underhand serve...

    The question is not and shouldn't be about whether the facts prove the receiver was ready or not. The question should be who gets to say whether he was ready or not. That person has to be the receiver. The server should take his word for it and the receiver should be honest about it. If the...
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    Vitamin D Deficiency

    Vitamin D deficiency is often related to kidney function. Get your kidneys checked.
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    MiStringer review

    This thing is great and should get some kind of design award. If I didn't care about the cost I would get one just because it is cool. Even the cross stringing tool is unique. But, people who string their own racquets do care about cost, that's the main reason they string their own racquets...
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    New Angell K7!!!

    "4 separate layers are used in their protective padding which helps to block and redirect the impact of the blow to the chest area surrounding the heart." If you had a steel plate and put padding behind it if it got hit by a baseball or a bullet the force is going to be spread out. It's the...
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    New Angell K7!!!

    A plate of steel will stop the bullet but it doesn't absorb its kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is disbursed by the bullet being destroyed. When a bullet strikes a Kevlar vest its kinetic energy is disbursed by the vest over the body.