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    Anyone know anything about the American kid who made the finals of the French ?

    My unbiased opinion is that he should go to the best program - Wake Forest.
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    What is the end game for college tennis? What's the point?

    There were thousands at the 2018 championship (I would estimate 5000 at the men's championship match). Here's a video - every single seat was full and there were several rows of standing room only (and this video only shows half the crowd)
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    Interesting. How about Wake? Chrysochos is a senior that didn't have a bad career (national champion, national runner up, national indoor champion and runner up, multiple ACC championships, and multiple national singles and doubles national championships).
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    That's a great point.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    I think you are correct that it has become an afterthought. I think the there are two main reasons why: 1) It occurs after weeks of the team tournament, so players are tired and it's taxing and expensive to stay away from "home" for another week, and 2) NCAA tennis emphasizes team play so much...
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    So, now that the team portion is all wrapped up, what are your impressions of the event? I attended the championships in Winston-Salem last year but did not make the event this year, so my opinions may not be fully informed. My thoughts (in no particular order): - All courts should be streamed...
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    Longhorn Tennis

    Congrats to Texas. They really took it to Wake. The Deacs looked tired and like they were just trying to hang on, while Texas looked fresher and more aggressive.
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    College Dual Match Format Is The Greatest Thing Ever Invented

    Agreed. Although the transition was a little rocky with different teams and conferences using different scoring formats at different times, now that all have universally accepted no-ad scoring and 6 game sets for doubles, the format works well for TV, I think we'll see more and more college...
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    Europe and Collegiate Athletics

    Several European countries, as well as Japan, are looking to create a system similar to that in the United States. One of the many benefits of the system in the US is that it encourages student athletes to take academics seriously.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Looks like it didn't happen, as Wake won 7-0. Gojo didn't play, so Petros played at 1 and won 6-0, 6-0. Petros must have played well.
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    Another college tennis scandal

    I agree with everything you wrote, however, I think it's important to keep in mind that this is a "he said, he said" situation. From this article, we only know the perspective of one player - it is certainly possible that other teammates would not agree with the way he presented this info.
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    ACC tennis

    The match was played indoors - I guess NC State only has 4 indoor courts? - so two of the matches were delayed. Melios from Wake was up 7-5, 2-0 when his match was stopped. I agree that NC State seems to have a lot of fight, as several of the matches were pretty close.
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    ACC tennis

    Wake avenges one of their 3 losses this year, beating UVA 6-1. The only loss was Petros - he has earned an off day though given what he has done for Wake the past 3.5 years.
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    ACC tennis

    This is a great post, and you're correct, the Gators crushed Wake at 3-6.
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    ACC tennis

    That's a bad call by Gojo. At the same time that was occurring, Torp had a bad call against Petros that was also captured on video. I wish I had video of Oliver's call for you from yesterday. As I said earlier, they happen. And they happen to the top teams with similar frequency. Trying to...