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    New Adidas Shoe?

    On the left it's a leather version of the Ubersonic 3 (I saw this shoe at the 5th Avenue flagship store in NYC). And on the right it looks like the classic Stefan Edbergs.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Great news @Mizuno USA Official new colorways for Wave Exceed Tour 3 now offer a 6-month outsole guarantee!
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    @Mizuno USA Official any word on 2019 Wimbledon gear going on sale to the general public? I’m liking the all white Wave Exceed Tour 3 shoes and white apparel on men’s doubles champions Cabal/Farah.
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I loved these Edbergs, and also the old Lendls. I hope they get to re-release those too.
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    Ubersonic 2?

    @TW Staff can you guys confirm? Just about to wear out my remaining pair of Uber 2 and would be great to get some in August.
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    Comparisons to Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3? The upper looks similar, I'm wondering if it's more stable and more snug fit since it's a sock-like bootie lining.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Yes, absolutely perfect fit when getting a 1/2 size smaller. Also, TW Europe site has the Wave Exceed Tour 3 and several other models on sale. I bought the black color, clay version, including international shipping, for $103.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    Correct, the Exceed Tour 3 runs slightly long. I'm usually a 9.5 US but went down to 9.0 and the fit is perfect.
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    I've had Wave Exceed Tour 2's before and they ran just a tad long. Just received the Wave Exceed Tour 3's and Wave Intense 4's in the mail at 1/2 size smaller than my usual 9.5 US. Fits perfectly.
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    Mizuno Sizing

    I had 2 versions of the Wave Exceed Tour 2's (clay and all court versions) at my usual US 9.5 and both ran just a bit long after breaking in. To remedy this, I wore 2 pairs of socks and the fit was fine. Recently I ordered and received the Wave Exceed Tour 3 and Wave Intense 4, this time...
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    Mizuno Tennis Shoes

    Great news! Thanks Michelle.
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    I had Exceed 2's in both clay and all court version. The all court lasted about 5 months for me, (playing 3-4 times a week on hard courts) and the clay are still in rotation at my club (har-tru courts). I can't wait to get my hands on the Exceed 3's in the newer colorways. Some are on sale...
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    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Hi Tyler, Glad to have you on this discussion. I've been a fan of Mizuno products for a long time (since the Lendl days) and have used several pairs of running shoes and soccer cleats over the years. After a number of years off from tennis I got back into it 2 years ago and rediscovered the...
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    Mizuno Tennis shoes and clothing

    How are the Exceed 3 working out for you so far? I'm going to make a few purchases (Exceed Tour 3 and Intense 4 possibly)...I wore out my all court Exceed 2 and still have my clay version as well. Tried the Nike Vapor X recently and the fit is not as good as the 9.5. Also my Ubersonic 2 gave...
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    Rafa Aeroreact tee's price

    I just wait for sale/clearance and use online coupons so most of the RF and Rafa gear that I have are 30-40% off the retail price. Still steep, but more affordable.