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    2020 Prostaff update

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    Tecnifibre T-Fight RS (2020)

    With TF300 they went down on 66 RA!
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

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    2020 Prostaff update

    Strung or unstrung?
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    Tecnifibre ATP Lead Tape

    I’m using it on my VCore 98. Once removed u can’t use it again unless as DJ wrote, use finishing tape.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    @Babolat Official Any news about new Pure Strike VS? Hoping for softer frame and possible name changing to Storm or Control...
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    Anyone else not like Goran?

    There is also a story from Ljubo, when Goran smashed all his rackets during the match and couldn’t continue to play, and Ljubo offered him his rackets to continue to play. Goran answered: no thanks, it’s not Head! There is
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    Ivanisevic v. Rafter 2001 Wimbledon - wow!

    It was more mental fight than tennis match between those two! But as always Goran was the biggest opponent to himself. I was really happy when GI won and every time when I watch that match I’m almost crying! Goran deserves to win Wimby, cause two times he was close. And it was the only slam...
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    Anyone else not like Goran?

    Disagree here! Goran and Pete was the reason why I’ve started to play tennis back in 1992! I was always trying to copy Goran’s serve, fh and Petes bh, volleys and slam dunk! But everybody has right for their own op!
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    I’ve started with 4 g on 3&9 on first racket and 4 g on 2&10. Still haven’t tried the second one, but the first frame is doing job great. It’s not the touch frame imo, but it’s ok for me and I can do a huge damage to my opponents . Sw on first racket is in low 330. I don’t like tweeners frames...
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    What is the "plushest" racquet that offers the most "free power"?

    Head Radical MG 107 OS with some mods!
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    New Tecnifibre TFight

    No. I’ve played only with TFight 300. Very beautiful frame. More elegant then previous version which in my opinion looks like a toy. the Color scheme is similar but red and blue Color lines are thinner white Color have light grey graphics.
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    New Tecnifibre TFight

    I don’t know about the prices. But def will be as usual by new racket line.
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    New Tecnifibre TFight

    Same as previous version! Only new PJ.
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    New Tecnifibre TFight

    I have played with the final version of 300!