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    So What Have You Bought So Far In 2014?

    Firestone RubberGard EPDM is the ideal grip Firestone RubberGard EPDM is the ideal grip, ... All membranes are available in 2 thicknesses: 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm. 1.1mm is IMO, similar to Prince 'FEEL" over grip, much cheaper, DYI cut yr own strip/grip, from sheet. Black only , for lowest...
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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    A Star is born, aussie,aussie, mate,
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    Youzhny seeks Agassi for advice on how to beat Federer

    'NOBOBY', beats, Youzhny, 15 times, in a row' !! btw , even Agassi, lost , his last 8 matches, playing against Federer.
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    How do you get your doubles partner to relax?

    Played doubles, on club 3.5 league, twice during usta season, w/ a 'mitch' teamate , both matches during the 'super tie-breaker (I love tie-breakers and serving), 'mitch', during both matches, says, 'hurry , i want to leave for dinner'. I won 'serving out', both 'super tie-breaker' , matches...
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    Tennis players (intermediate level ) in Hong Kong 2011

    Hi, we r in Hong Kong, looking for mixed doubles , we need another couple. , current location is Hong Kong Island (evenings after work and maybe on weekends). we r intermediate level , say 3.5 usta level, (no beginners pls.) we hv booking, court arrangements, share court fees. If you are a...
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    It's official: Nadal is now Djokovic's pigeon

    Very well said, we all are the winners, great men's finals, after a 'missable' finals last year. Also, so much fun watching Tsonga's matches.
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    Help....I'm attracted to ...Women Racket!!!

    Wilson, BLX 105 sqin , Coral wave or the Tidal Wave, great deal $ add experiment w/ add wt. is a great frame. I see alot of new BLX lt wt frames (not currently in USA ).
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    Dunlop 200G - replacement

    Volkl Tour 10 V Engine Mid Plus (w/ a 'soft poly string'), is my favorite when I revisit my 12 oz rackets, I can stop or return those, current 'lt. wt 10-11oz. 'high racket head speed serves or grd strokes' no problem.
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    NBC: loses/cancels Wimbledon?

    Glad, I can watch this when, travelling aboard w/ hotel cable. Live and can view during evening time zone. I would only pay if in HD, and listen on SKY or ABC (Aus.), Worst, is hearing Bob Costas, Dick or the some other MLB guy (all that MLB jargon) . There is so much more to enjoying tennis...
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    Best walk-off shot winner ever?

    Congrats ,for well done win by Andy. Still hope, he gets one more shot at that grand slam tie-breaker, to look that 'beast' in the eyes again.
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    Rackets for Girls?

    Wilson [K] Amethyst 107 Tennis Racket a 'women's' racket but I know some very hard hitting guys using this, greatest topspin racket esp. w/ the 4 1/8 or 4 1/4 grip very head light approx 6ptsHL A Great racket but could only find this in UK. I tried this 248 gram (approx. 9.0oz...
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    Wanted - Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    looking for this racquet - is purple color, very lightwt. any size grip is OK.
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    Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107

    Hi Has anyone heard of or played w/ this racket (btw purple color (K) factor)? BTW im trying to help a friend locate this racket , Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107 (in usa or asia). looks bigger than the old wilson fury (K). Last seen (Wilson (K ) Amethyst 107) in Dubai approx. +1yr ago. many...
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    Major League Baseball - Who will win it all?

    Well done SF, congrats, World Champs. Best pitching, always beats best hitting. Wonder now, what happens with Barry Zito (?)
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    Way to go!! GO U GIANTS.... btw what's going to happen with barry zito, now? and that 120-130million crazy salary.