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    Vid of two guys at a rec tournament, guess their level

    I'd guess 3.5, even knowing what video does
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Of philosophy? Sure.
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    Djokovic plays points vs fan

    You might not think it, if you've played high levels of tennis like Texas 3.5/4.0, but Djokovic and other top pros are very talented and tough to play against.
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    Tips vs. Pusher in Playoffs

    20 ball rallies at 3.5 are pretty damn rare. They are rare, in fact, at the highest levels of the game. I don't think it's realistic to expect that kind of patience, shot tolerance, and point construction from a player at this level.
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    Is Stefanos Tsitsipas really 6ft4' tall?

    I would believe that Iverson is like 5'11 with very long arms, but I'm not sure about 5'10.
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    Do you talk to opponents during a match/changeovers?

    Didn't Wawrinka win that match with Kyrgios when he (Kyrgios) said the rude things handily?
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    How can I improve my horrible tiebreak record in doubles?

    As long as you're not deliberately sabotaging yourself with more dfs than usual, etc., I think tie-breakers are mostly a coin flip. Your winning percentage will balance out when you play more of them.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    We "rein in" launch angles. I still am not entirely sure that I understand what a launch angle is, however, never mind ball pocketing or "plush feel."
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    Google has reached quantum supremacy

    Shor also created an algorithm that will perfectly rank recreational tennis players, though it needs 1K qubits.
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    Durable string suggestion

    I'll just add to the comments about string pattern. I broke strings in my 6.1 95, which I think is a 16x19 or 16x18 in two or three hours, whereas I almost never break them in a 93p 18x20.
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    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    Raonic seems to be pushing? That seems like him.
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    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    Next you'll say that pro players have thrown matches for gamblers?
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    Line-Ups Are Written In Blood

    I would love to read some threads or tips on managing personalities, emotions, etc. as a league captain.
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    Which type of player is the worst to play with?

    I know players that look like 4.5s who are 4.5s. And I know players that look like 2.5s who are weak 3.0s. I do not, however, know any players who look like 5.5s who are from Iceland. I'm sure they are out there; I just don't know any.
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    Laver Cup

    Isner looks hard to lob.