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    Medvedev Has Been Off the Charts

    Medvedev looking good, will win ATP 250 titles.
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    Who has the Third Best FH in the past 15 years?

    LOL if Delpo had Djokovic's forehand, he probably wouldn't be in the top 50.
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    USO 2005 F vs USO 2006 F vs USO 2013 F

    There are times like this when a dislike button would be handy.
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    Highest peak ever on a surface?

    Toss-up between Nadal at RG 2008 vs. Borg at RG 1978.
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    Non Big 3 Losses in Majors during peak : Age 23-30

    2004 had peak mental strength IMO. Ridiculous BP saved and converted stats and he was very focused. He always played well when it mattered and went 18-0 against top 10.
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    Federer vs Djokovic - Who is the greater hard court player at this point?

    I expect Djokovic to close the gap considering the weak field that he is playing against now. Federer still has the higher peak level though.
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    Federer's highest level since AO 2010?

    Indeed. Do you have stats on Federer-Djokovic WTF 2010 semifinal? That was a peak performance and a very good forehand exhibition as far as I can remember.
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    Peak Hair Federer?

    2008 USO?
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    Which one factor makes Federer so wonderful?

    The WEAK competition filled with PIGEON MUGS that he faced ROFLMAO
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    Is Djokovic really playing that well?

    Granted, I've been a little busy so I haven't watched too much but people are saying Djokovic is back to his peak. I'm not sure if I really see that. He's playing well, but he has a worse field than he did even in 2015-2016 (relatively weaker years but top heavy) so that can make his results...
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    2005 Federer with 2017 backhand unbeatable?

    The 2006 backhand is about even with the 2017 backhand. Federer had a better slice in 2006 along with better passing shots, but 2017 Federer had a better topspin shot. 2006 Federer also had the better return of serve. Overall, 2006 Federer was probably the best version due to consistency and...
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    2005 Federer with 2017 backhand unbeatable?

    No because 2015 Federer was peak Federer. Elo ranking: Djokovic - 1st Federer - 2nd
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    Fedalovic Matchups At Each Slam

    I would say 8-2 for Federer vs. Nadal at Wimbledon. A version of Nadal with the 2007 ground game and 2008 serve would be too good for even 2007 Federer, but that version of Nadal never existed. I'd back 2003-2007 Federer against 2007-2008 Nadal.
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    Fedalovic Matchups At Each Slam

    Fedal: AO: 6-4 Federer RG: 10-0 Nadal Wimbledon: 8-2 Federer USO: 7-3 Federer Fedovic: AO: 6-4 Djokovic RG: 6-4 Federer Wimbledon: 9-1 Federer USO: 7-3 Federer Djokodal: AO: 8-2 Djokovic RG: 10-0 Nadal Wimbledon: 6-4 Djokovic USO: 6-4 Djokovic
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    If Fed were to play Nadal at the US Open?

    Huhhhhh? Don't tell me someone who is slower, especially to the forehand, is defending better than ever.