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    When this guy is at his 80%, he cleans everyone off the court

    Oh how this has become a trollfest in recent months...
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    I wonder if Federer had beaten Agassi in 2007 would anyone care?

    33-35 year old Agassi would probably beat 2015-2019 Federer the majority of times in slams. Federer is still vulnerable if someone can hit flat and deep to the backhand side and if someone can return his serve with interest. Agassi could do both of those things and could take time away from...
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    Better/greater player-Federer in Wimbledon vs Djokovic in AO

    Djokovic could surpass Federer in this department, but I'd take Federer for level of play.
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    Federer's Year of Peak Mentality?

    I would probably put 2007 above 2006 for mental strength. He was not at as high of a level, but he was able to win when it mattered most, such as pulling away from Nadal in the 2007 Wimbledon final, and shrugging off the loss against Gonzalez in the TMC by blitzing through his other opponents...
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    Federer's Year of Peak Mentality?

    Which year was it? I feel like it would have to be 2004. The stats back then were crazy. He saved 73% of break points in that season, which was higher compared to 2005 and 2006. He also had a perfect record against top 10 players (18-0), which shows that he was playing well when it mattered...
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    Is Djokovic going to finish his career having never faced legitimate competition from a younger player?

    If Djokodal surpasses Federer's slam count, that's going to be why. I don't even want to watch this stuff anymore because the quality of tennis has visibly declined.
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    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Safin, Australian Open final 2004

    Not quite sure AO 2004 was a "fast court".
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    Federer vs. Ferrero Wimbledon 2005 4R Highlights

    His peak on clay was very underrated. He was also beginning to become a huge threat on hard courts by late 2003, but his career was derailed by injuries unfortunately.
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    Federer vs. Ferrero Wimbledon 2005 4R Highlights

    Not Federer's best match on grass, but it was still pretty good. Ferrero played well on the grass, but could not quite hang with Federer in the important stages of the match.
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    What match do you most often rewatch highlights of?

    I always come back to the Rome 2006 final. Sublime tennis for five sets. Federer and Nadal's highest quality match IMO.
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    Safin vs Nadal - Roland Garros Final

    The best way to beat Nadal on clay involves serving well, volleying well, hitting flat to the forehand, hitting heavy to the backhand, and praying that Nadal is not at his best. They also must have some resistance to the Nadal forehand heading towards the backhand. Can Safin do all of that, I...
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    Top 5 Baby Federer Matches of 2002

    My top 5 in no order are Hamburg 2002 final, Rome 2006 final, RG 2011 semifinal, RG 2009 final, and Hamburg 2007 final. Rome 2006 final is probably the best for me even though he did not win that match.
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    Top 5 Baby Federer Matches of 2002

    Hey, I was watching the Hamburg 2002 final recently and was in awe at the level of play in that match. Federer was outplaying Safin from both the forehand and backhand wing. It was truly spectacular stuff. Slice lob out of nowhere to win a break point... It was amazing what he was capable of...