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    Pure storm GT, Blx pro open

    Thank you for the inputs, I'm concerned with the PSGT's almost even balance though. How much lead tape do I need to put on handle to bring it to 6 pts headlight?
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    Pure storm GT, Blx pro open

    I'm looking for advices choosing a new racquet to use for at least the next couple years. Demo is not an option for me right now :( Background: 4.0 - 4.5 player, I have semi-western forehand (full + fast swing), 2 handed backhand. I hit with spin but flatten out almost completely when I try to...
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    Head IG Radical Pro-Request!

    I hit with both the IG rad pro and prestige S yesterday. The rad feels pretty nice, swings easily, comfortable, perfect weight at 310g unstrung for me. However, there was quite a bit of vibration which annoyed me. There was a IG speed 300g at the court but I wasn't interested in trying it out so...
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    Flexpoint Prestige Mid 4 1/2

    Flexpoint Prestige Mid grip size 4 1/2. Condition 9.5/10, slight wear on bumper guard. Always used with overgrip. $85 shipped. email: for pictures.
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    Sampras Dampener has delivered for me

    the red one is quite good, but i hate the black one. It's way too hard.
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    Gamma Hi Tech Replacement Grip

    I've used both. Hi tech is much firmer + thicker + heavier than hydrosorb. They're like the opposite of each other. I was looking for a firm synthetic grip to replace leather like you. Another alternative is prince resipro, it is firm but not too thick/heavy like hi tech. I think it's the...
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    Pure Storm Tour (carbonX, not GT) 4 1/2

    I'm looking for one in grip size 4 1/2 only. I also have a rdis 100 mp 9/10 and FXP prestige mid 9.5/10 both 4 1/2 available to trade if interested.
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    Youtek Prestige Pro 4 1/2

    no longer looking. thanks. Email:
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    Pure Storm Tour GT vs. Youtek Prestige Pro

    How do these two racquets compare? They have very similar specs. I've hit with my friend's PST GT and thought its quite solid and has a nice feel. Is the YTPP just as solid?
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    Polystar Energy Review

    How come they don't have the reel for 16L gauge?
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    Babolat Skin Feel vs Wilson Pro Hybrid vs Prince Resipro

    I'm looking for something similar to leather but with a little more cushion ( to absorb vibration better) without losing too much of the bevel feel. I'm going to put an overgrip on top too. Has any one tried these 3 and could compare them? in terms of firmness, thickness. I've tried Gamma Hi...
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    Poly back to Multi...Who's coming with me??

    I'm actually considering switching back to multi. I switched to poly years ago when I used to hit with heavy spin with a western grip, and broke strings too way fast. I've been playing with semi western grip soon after so now I want to try multi again for the superior feel. I'm gonna try a bunch...
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    New Tfights 305 and 325

    I hit with the old Tfight 320 years ago, now that was bizarre. Specs looked good on paper, and I really wanted to like it, but it just felt horrible. Unless, they've changed their racquet's materials completely, I would never touch another technifbre. Quality wise, imo Yonex is the best, I've...
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    jonahnaturals is a good seller

    jonahnaturals is a good seller. He shipped racket out within an hour. Very pleasant to deal with, great communication.
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    Your Most Hated Racquet

    I liked the original APD back when I was playing with tweeners, are the cortex and GT that much worse?