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  • Hi Drogan, was also TT100P user but recently ordered TT95 18x20 and Phantom 93p, TT95 being slightly lighter and less HL... how has your experience been with these? Based on different reviews, TT95 maybe has more power and more of a baseline game oriented, while Phantom 93p is more all court, and also good for doubles... I will find out shortly, but was curious on your experience....
    Hi, afternoon, from what I read in the forum, you have a great knowledge about the babolat rackets and their players, could you tell me that Tsonga used the cortex system in his rackets?
    Hello there. Do you hit with Yonex Ti-80? If, so what type of strings you use?
    How does the DR 98 compare to 100p and phantom? thanks
    No comparison in my opinion phantom has zero hollow feel while dr98 line had bunch.
    I feel it's like comparing aeropro and mg radical.
    Hey dgoran,
    I follow you and dr325i for some time now on TT and SF know as very knowledgeable.I know you have had some Babolat pro-stocks.I have a question about a PDR+ 2013 that I've acquired. It does not have any specs in the lower hoop and no Babolat barcode sticker but everything else checks out compared to my other one.I was wondering if you have ever seen any of these or might have some insight.Thanks! Clay
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