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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Best advice in this entire thread. (y) Makes stringing kevlar mains as easy as any poly, even with tight grommets. Doesn't add any time if you pre-stretch, cut to rough length, and dip the kevlar first then let it dry while prepping the ZX string, cut out old strings, mount the racket, etc.
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    Wise 2086 power supply

    There are real modifications that can be done on most power supplies, like extra filter capacitors. I did that on a 12V supply for a security camera system that had a lot of noise in the images. The power supply circuit board had empty holes where extra capacitors could be added to increase...
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    Alpha DC PLUS mounting system, metal snapped in half.

    That broken piece looks like it's made of weak potmetal. I'm surprised more don't break.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    In this post I told about my problems with a replacement grommet set being very brittle and having 11 damaged grommets after 20 hours play on the first string job. I replaced that set with my last replacement set, and although it felt softer when I installed it, after 3 hours of play there's...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'm having a problem with extremely brittle grommets, which seems to be opposite of other reports of grommets being too soft. I'm a highly experienced stringer. I bought my TC97 18x20 new in 3/2017, along with 2 replacement grommet sets. I carefully restrung it 20 times with the original...
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    Dispute with pickleball guys - was I wrong

    Kill 2 birds with 1 stone... If soccer players say it's okay to use the court because they're playing "foot tennis", tell them foot tennis is played on a much smaller court. Then point them to the pickleball courts and say those are for foot tennis.
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    has anyone made their own prince neos glide bar rods? i need a pair of glide bars..

    If the attachment was named Inquiry.doc it was a VERY nasty virus. I got one in a reply to a 2 year old email.
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    Clamps moving a lot

    With all respect to John, I'm not sure those clamps will fit your rails. Your rails look really thick in the video. I have a set of those MQAC-11 base clamps (maybe for sale) from an older turntable and the rails were 8.5-9mm thick with a 14mm wide slot. What are those measurements for your...
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    Clamps moving a lot

    Here's a manual for an electronic version of your machine that looks like the same clamps: Those base clamps are not adjustable, you crank the knob until it is as tight as possible. Let us know if John solves it.
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    Clamps moving a lot

    ... I was going to tell you how to cheaply rebuild a worn or damaged base clamp, but it sounds like you just need to read the manual and do a simple adjustment.
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    Should we build a wall around our courts?

    Good job, glad it worked out for you. We had the exact same problem last year: soccer players refused to leave, tennis players called police, ended up with a police supervisor coming out and talking with Parks & Rec director. Decided they couldn't "officially" kick them off because there is...
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    Gamma Support Post Protect Pads

    I bought them from ATS Sports before they closed (was really Gamma in disguise). Now the Gamma website is useless. Click on "Buy Now" and it just says to go buy from a retailer. So lame...SAD.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I only use smooth round strings and restrung my TC97 8 times before getting my first split grommet. I will just replace that one bad grommet with a Fittex repair grommet. I've never had a repair grommet fail. I had way more problems with the newer Dunlop grommets than the Angell grommets...
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    Missing piece on Gamma Progression 602

    At any store (Lowes, etc) that sells wire shelving. A bag of end caps will have 2-3 different sizes and one of them will fit exactly. They'll be white instead of black, so replace both ends.