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    New Canaan, CT - Looking for 4.5 Tennis partners

    Escaping to CT this summer, but now need to find tennis games ... Hit me up!!!
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    AlphaGut is terrible!!!

    I was lured in by the great review ... so I gave it a shot as a gross with Klip Legend ... (56 / 53 lbs) Initially - looked nice and smooth, I was excited ... After an hour of hitting - the smoothness was gone, the contact points - where it touched the gut, it turned white and was starting to...
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    Girl can hit ATP forehand

    That's one ugly fh ... But her backhand is picture-perfect
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    Anyone having Achilles bursitis with Barricade Boost?

    i switched to Asics Court FFs ... it's a good shoe, I wish it wasn't as flexy and slightly sturdier ... soles also don't last as long as barricades, but all in all a better shoe
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    Video of lesson today

    Your coach is 100% right what I see is: 1. Make your unit turn deeper (not with the raq, but with the trunk) 2. You still hit by rotation as opposed to leg-initiated fwd movement, so your shoulder open up too early in the shot Your chin ends up facing left, whereas it should finish on your...
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    What NTRP are these 2 ?

    Girl: F4.5-5.0 Very Solid, maybe lacking pace, but great movement Pusher: Seems not a pusher at all ... but tough to say ... clearly M4.5+ maybe a M5.0-5.5 but playing down / fkcing around... VERY precise junk balling.
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    Who do you rate as the best online tennis instructor?

    SIMON and ALEX!!!! top tennis training
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    Hate the junk ballers

    (a) get comfortable with the foot work (b) not overhit, and learn to control the junk balls
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    Your Local Club

    I don't spend money on much (aside from kids that are a sink hole) tennis is one thing that I love ... and it's just money
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    Your Local Club

    NYC ain't a great place to find courts ... but it's easy to find partners :)
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    Your Local Club

    - they take'em off in the summer - in the winter - Constant air-pumping from the inside. - massively expensive ($40-$90 / hr)
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    Your Local Club
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    Rating range NTRP 4.0

    tactics mostly ... all the returns patterns were wrong ... all the angles and instincts... now that I've played a lot more doubles I realize that we both played like singles dumb-asses ... but those 3.5 dubs guys were no pushovers ... my guess is the only reasons they were 3.5 is due to...
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    Rating range NTRP 4.0

    I once played in a doubles game against a 3.5 team that went to Nationals ... granted I am mostly a singles player as was my partner ... (a strong 4.0 singles guy). We were convincingly beaten ... that's 3.5 for ya ...