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    M4.5 Player looking for tennis partners in Key Biscayne (or around)

    Moving down there for the winter/spring. Tennis Addict looking to hit/play. HIT ME UP!
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    Video of solid 5.5 players.

    I think these guys play-wise (result-wise) are definitely strong 4.5s or even weak 5.0s, even though they may not look it. I am a middlish 4.5 and wouldn't want to be playing these guys for points ...
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    Video of solid 5.5 players.

    5.5 is a D1 player. 6.0 is a pro To be a 5.5 you not only have to have consistency and placement, but true solid technique, power, speed and athleticism. 5.5 Players as a rule have 110 mph+ first serves and heavy reliable 2nd serves. The guys in the video have poor technique, poor footwork...
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    any 4.0-5.0 tennis players in Key Biscayne?

    Prefer to stay on Clay for the sake of my knees. Was thinking Ocean Club or Ritz?
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    NYC 4.5 vs USTA 4.5 match play

    4.5 tennis lol ...
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    Real 4.5 match play

    these guys are really good ... but the guy in white shirt shot selection is very questionable ... I don't understand why is he not camping out in the blue-guy's backhand corner. Instead he gets involved hitting against his opponent's strength. Granted ... white shirt's forehand > blue shirt's...
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    Pushers - what do they get out of the game?

    isn't it all about dopamine? they win, thus massive dopamine doses
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    Critique my technique

    I like your form a lot ... more leg bend and more hip involvement and you are looking solid ...
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    Interesting forehand...

    remind me of Robredo ... except his is way bigger ... I like her backhand more
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    any 4.0-5.0 tennis players in Key Biscayne?

    Using the fact that kids are learning via zoom to escape NYC covid winter. Looking for fellow addicts to play with on regular basis. Hit me up!!
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    ET's Ian Vs Green Shirt Hacker

    - I did it with Simon and Alex from TTT - it was 1500 for a 2 day session (yes way rich). - it was good, but mostly geared to 3.5-4.0s and I am a 4.5 player ... so I'd say for me it wasn't useful but gave me a reason to visit Palm Springs, which was a plus, my wife got to go to State Parks etc...
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    New Canaan, CT - Looking for 4.5 Tennis partners

    Escaping to CT this summer, but now need to find tennis games ... Hit me up!!!
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    AlphaGut is terrible!!!

    I was lured in by the great review ... so I gave it a shot as a gross with Klip Legend ... (56 / 53 lbs) Initially - looked nice and smooth, I was excited ... After an hour of hitting - the smoothness was gone, the contact points - where it touched the gut, it turned white and was starting to...
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    Girl can hit ATP forehand

    That's one ugly fh ... But her backhand is picture-perfect