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  • Hi,

    you seem to have a lot of experience with the Head Radical OS. Do you happen to know the differences between the Head Radical Tour (Bumblebee 1993) and the Candycane 1998 version (both OS) ? How do they differ in specs and playability? I have an opp to get my hands on theses rackets, but I am not sure which one is better. Thanks
    Hi Dino, tried to start a conversation with you but it is not possible. Is there a way to get in touch privately?
    Thanks :)
    Hello Dino,

    I noticed you have a Kneissl White Star Masters 10 in your collection. I am currently playing with this racquet, and I am looking for a second one to play in my local league. Would you be prepared to part with it for the right price?

    Many thanks.


    PS: love the signature with the Chirac quote (I am French)
    Would like to have the specs, Racket Static weight (g/oz) Flex Swingweight for some of the classic wood rackets, maybe Dino Lagaffe has calculated ?
    Dino can you do a Wilson JK Autograph, Prostaff, maxply fort or any other popular woods ? Would be great to have some wood racket comparisons.
    TIA, Joe
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