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    Yo! I know, tennis has been on the backburner for me, and life got really, really busy several...

    Yo! I know, tennis has been on the backburner for me, and life got really, really busy several years ago (now). I had a nagging shoulder injury since HS that never went away. Without playing (or watching) tennis, my priorities shifted a ton. I still drop in from time to time, but definitely not...
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    Hey! This is months late by now, but thanks :) I was actually just going through some really old...

    Hey! This is months late by now, but thanks :) I was actually just going through some really old threads clearing some google-able personal info and I saw a post by you! Good ol' times, huh? Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. I tried some hitting again after a long, long...
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    Babolat Sensor Base Clamp

    You probably want a "roll pin punch" set. I just looked at my sensor (it's a bit dusty...) and it looks like one side of the pin is mushroomed. You'd want to tap it out from the non-mushroomed side, obviously. I would probably wait 'til Babolat got back to you first, though, it looks like it's...
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    I feel like a new man

    It's really ugly :) It's just a 3/4" sheet of plywood (rectangle-ish) with some screwed down blocks. Since the base is curved/organically shaped, it's an ugly hack. I wouldn't recommend subjecting other beautiful machines to the same fate ;) If I cared about the looks or had it presentable, I'd...
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    I feel like a new man

    Luckily the Sensor can keep you in the honeymoon phase for the rest of your stringing life. It's more than enough machine for pretty much anyone out there. I just look at things from a more engineering mindset, and I get wrapped up in details. I should be clear, the stand is totally sufficient...
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    I feel like a new man

    Unfortunately I haven't had any time on a Baiardo, but I do hear good things about them. I should also mention I'm not dogmatic about much in life, and stringing machines are no exception. The Sensor has its annoyances and faults, just like any other machine. I've also worked on pretty solid...
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    I feel like a new man

    This makes sense @SavvyStringer. I buy that reasoning. I haven't had any issues with a sticking gripper, but I recall some babolat machines did have that problem, maybe it was a star5? You know, I actually don't like the brake on these machines! It works fine, but I prefer a NEOS1K's disc...
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    I feel like a new man

    That actually jogs my brain for something I meant to ask: When you "engage" the gripper, how are you doing it, exactly? I assume with the light touch, you're also operating the tensioner entirely with one hand? If so, I'm curious what your hand movement is (to get into the nitty gritty). I see a...
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    I feel like a new man

    My issue is having the bases next to each other at the 6/12 areas. Slide one clamp all the way up or down the curved rail, slide the other one up next to it - you'll bumpercar the first clamp. This isn't really a major issue, but it's super annoying. As I get through 4-5 crosses, I want to flip...
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    The Birthday Thread

    Thanks! Still alive and kickin'.
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    I feel like a new man

    Tell me what you think of the clamps :) I actually still don't like them very much. The holding power is great, but the bases underneath the turntable are freaking huge. I can't get them both up to the tip at the same time (on crosses) like I used to, I have to wait until ~1/3 of the way down...
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    Avoid Extremes

    Just dropping a note: I cleared a few posts from this thread since they (relatively civilly) crossed the line into personal territory. Take a step back and breathe if you're getting too heated :)
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    Error codes on Toyo Zouki machines?

    I'm with Albert in that it probably isn't an issue with the trimpot. However, if it IS, you can debug/troubleshoot this by measuring the value of the trimpot and then replacing it with the equivalent resistor. This will just give you some peace of mind if you're (already) skilled at hardware...
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    Sergetti Stringing - WOW!

    I hosted Irvin's spreadsheet at this URL: Enjoy.
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    Do you sit or stand?

    Get an inexpensive anti-fatigue mat. It works wonders. Once you get better/faster at stringing, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that sitting isn't really an option - you'll be moving around too much for it to be worth it. Unless you don't have 360 degree rotation, then you can get better...