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    nk126 A++++++ Buyer

    Excellent buyer, made immediate payment and was fast on email replies for any additional info needed or wanted. Would definitely do business with again!
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    mqtennis great seller! A++++

    Excellent communication with immediate responses when multiple inquiries made. Item received was better than described. Would definitely conduct business with again. Fast and low cost shipping also!
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    Wanted: Head MicroGel Extreme Pro

    Thanks for those who contacted me, Found what I needed.
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    Head Rackets for Sale

    email sent..
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    Wanted: Head MicroGel Extreme Pro

    I am looking to purchase a MG Extreme Pro in a 4 3/8 grip size condition to be no worse than 8/10 strung or unstrung please email me at c.cholewiak [AT] immediate payment can be made in any method seller chooses to include paypal
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    FS: Microgel Extreme Pro grip size 4 3/8 (9 condition)

    this still for sale? IF so contact me at: c.cholewiak [AT]
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    FS 4 Head Microgel Extreme (3/8),1 12 racket Extreme Line bag

    you willing to sell racquests individually?
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    FT- Head MG Extreme Pro 8/10

    email sent....eager and willing
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    FS–Head Microgel Extreme, Wilson NCode Six-one & NPro

    another email sent :) ;)
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    FS/T (1)Head MicroGel Extreme Pro 4 1/2, 8.5+/10

    This Item has been sold, Thanks to all who were interested. Those that have been in contact via email, should have gotten a heads up email.
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    FS/T (1)Head MicroGel Extreme Pro 4 1/2, 8.5+/10

    This is a Extreme Pro
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    FS/T (1)Head MicroGel Extreme Pro 4 1/2, 8.5+/10

    Crazy, its interesting enough for me to work out. although I am going to explore bossass's offer, since he is closer to what I am looking for, if it dont pan out, I will pm you sent you email/PM via the TW forums...
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    When did the sport get this slow?

    I think its a combination of things, mostly being the style of play changing. That has caused more and longer volley's causing the game to be slower and last longer.