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    I’m not too ashamed to admit...

    just keep practicing another 2 years. and 2 more after. Sure, speed is nice. Consistency is better. I don't think it has been addressed, but pre-weaving one ahead of the string being tensioned will help as the strings are separated a bit. If you only weave one cross and then tension it, you...
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    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    that black tape looks like the old babolot head guard tape.
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    that color of the oehms grip looks great.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    yeah...i hear that. Hope wilson doesn't change the next version too much. I have a limited experience with the blades. 2013 mid, v6 18m, v7 18m. I really enjoy the v7 and have heard good things about it for those more experienced with the blade line.
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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    @Grapplesnake USA Official congrats! looking forward to the gut
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    What did you last eat?

    Totorito - Sushi Burrito w a fish taco side.
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    What did you last eat? dogs in the sauce. But actually had ground turkey but the sauce was sweet like it is often in Filipino spag
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    Head G360+ Radical Pro 2021

    oh wow...i dont' know what to think. I'm drawing a blank on the other SKUs for the pallets. I think there was a TK76 IIRC on couple of my older racquets. Prior to the TK82s, I felt that some of my pallets felt less rectangular in shape than the TK82. It might have been the QA of the...
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    What did you last eat?

    Filipino Spaghetti now who knows what that is?
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    VSense 10 Tour Club! (probably just me talking to myself)

    Welcome Now there will be 4 of us talking to ourselves. Those mods sound like it would be nice. I hit with it stock for a while then added lead on the handle. Figured I liked it and put on a leather grip. I do like the volkl leather a bunch. Even had/have some Becker grips on a few...
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    VSense 10 Tour Club! (probably just me talking to myself)

    I have a feeling that I like a strung SW of about 325-335 depending on balance and weight distribution. My 360+ Prestige Mid is about 330 SW and I feel that I have been serving best with that. Although it is probably I woke up on the right side of the bed on the days I play matches with the...
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    VSense 10 Tour Club! (probably just me talking to myself)

    Great to hear for your son. I also have a Prestige Pro from the XT series. I have a love it or hate it relationship. I traded my pair to Maddog and had sellers remorse after he kept telling me how much he is liking it. The thing for me was I didn't take the time to work with some lead and...
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    Head G360+ Radical Pro 2021

    for clarity...same model? 360+? all of the 360+ racquets have the TK82S pallets from what I recall and is more on the round side of things. The older racquets had the TK82 which was more rectangular If both 360+...that is interesting. maybe someone changed the pallet.
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    VSense 10 Tour Club! (probably just me talking to myself)

    I've been hitting with this pretty regularly now with my mods. Lead 3/9, handle about 6" up fr butt cap, and leather grip. I've been doing mostly drills and rallies. I played 2 games since getting this racquet sometime last month. In those games, I felt a bit off serving. Serving though is...
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    I've heard that it's available in Europe but can't confirm. I was told that the US should have it any day now.