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    Why aren't Nishikori, Schwartzman, Pella, Edmund, Garin, Cuevas and literally anyone outside of Aus/Canada/USA playing for world at the Laver Cup?

    That's because nobody considers this as a tournament at all. People don't take it seriously and it's an invitation only exhibition event.
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    Why Novak Djokovic will not join Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at Laver Cup

    This tournament will die a painful death in exactly 3 years or the year after Fed decides to hang up his boots. Mark this post and feel free to bump if it doesn't happen
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    Federer is 0-7 against top-2 in hardcourt Slams

    Brutal stay OP. There is no friggin way to defend this
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    USOpen Highlights disgrace

    This is the highlights of USopen women's final coming from official youtube channel. Based on the highlights you would think the winner was Serena. When will this open learn to respect champions let alone the crowd? Extended highlights: Thank you Serena for losing and saving tennis. Oh...
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    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis

    nobody needs to save anyone. Just enjoy the big 3 wins while it lasts. After fed retires Djokovic and Nadal will also have windows open up for them to win a slam here or there like Fed did in last 2 years. That's why they are the greatest trio. I'm glad nadal held his ground and denied a slam...
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    Medvedev, the best of NextGen

    Good prospect for tennis, but absolutely boring guy to watch. Good mentality and he may win many slams, but will absolutely kill the game with his style of play. Nick plays attacking tennis, but for the most part leaves his mind in the locker room before he steps on court. So that's where we...
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    Fed has the backhand, Rafa has the serve, Djoker?

    He should definitely need to improve his net and volleying skills to be relevant as he ages. He cannot grind every match against young players such as Medvedev or thiem kachanov . He won't have any gas left in the tank for later stages of slams. He should hire Becker or edberg or jmac for volley...
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    11 years of hurt for Fed. Why?

    For 3 years it's djokovic's clutchness. Other than that I think it's mostly age catching up and your body not able to withstand towards end of the season grandslam. We could also see the same effect to a good extent on other aging super stars such as Nadal (broke down in 2018), Djokovic (this...
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    The difference between Djokovic and Federer

    Federer is saint . Does that make the OP happy? :)
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    Nadal in support of Nole.....

    Nadal had always been Nice to other players. It doesn't matter whether it is Novak or others. Only exception might be the drama queen Nick Kyrgios
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    Novak should be ashamed

    Fair enough, valid points!
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    Was Wawrinka's retirement in USO 2012 disrespectful?

    That pretty much explains it. That's what it's all about. Some vile fed fans here have shown their colors in the name of neutral tennis . They still could not digest Novak's Wimbledon win. Same Novak could have pulled a injury card when he was down 2 match points. But he didn't and they still...
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    Was Wawrinka's retirement in USO 2012 disrespectful?

    Doesn't matter. When you re in top 100 of a sport, you are considered an elite athlete. Winning or not winning a slam doesn't give you an excuse to withdraw. So it's perfectly fine for Nadal to withdraw in slam finals or Roger to not even play a final? So Novak has some kind of different...
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    Was Wawrinka's retirement in USO 2012 disrespectful?

    You are first and foremost a tennis player. Winning or holding slams has no context here. So you mean to say someone who hasn't won slams can withdraw?
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    Was Wawrinka's retirement in USO 2012 disrespectful?

    Fed fans will be perfectly fine with this retirement since it was someone not named Djokovic who did it.