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    2019 ESPN World fame 100; two tennis players in top 10

    teriffic, now we have a popularity contest. I wish grandslams were handed over to popularitas :D
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    Djokovic-Federer at Wimbledon: a unique case

    OP you do understand that Federer has extended his stay in tennis waaaaay beyond average retirement age compared to previous generations right? I'm a djoker fan, But I can't be biased
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    Novak Djokovic's weeks at No. 1 could cause a rankings controversy

    But roger doesn't really stand a chance when Djokovic and Nadal are kicking the field at this rate. Do you agree? You really think he has a fair chance to win RG, Wimbledon and USopen ?
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    Novak Djokovic's weeks at No. 1 could cause a rankings controversy

    The same way federer gains advantage in slam count by not having Djokovic or Nadal play further slams due to this Corona Virus. It can't work both ways. Let's say if we are to miss grandslams and next gen start winning next year, it's an year lost for both Nadal and Djokovic as they are aging...
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    Tennis without Big3

    Some of those fans who come out saying that they are tired of Big 3 will soon witness RBA or someone like him lifting the wimbledon trophy! We'll wait and see how this forum reacts after all all is said and done between big 3 fans. I'm doubtful many of them will even hang around (including me)
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    Tennis without Big3

    tennis will die a terrifying death and musical chair competition for slams will begin when Big 3 are done. Great thread OP with facts as always!
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    Djokovic playing in an empty stadium ?

    Looks like 40-15 still hurts :)
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    Poll: Which NextGen player will become the best grass court player?

    Has to be sisipas. I would be disappointed if he doesn't shine on grass.
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    I hope Djokovic learned something from the Guru today

    guru taught him a first hand lesson on how to overcome adversity. I'm sure his lessons will help Djokovic for the upcoming season.
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    Djokovic News

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    Kyrgios accuses Mexican Open crowd of disrespect

    look who talks about disrespect..... LOL
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    Daniil Medvedev : The Fall Cometh

    Players like Med and Djokovic will always have issues with Stan. You have to take time away from him to force errors (like what Fed does). Or you have to punish him with heavy topspin BH like Nadal at clay. If you keep feeding him waist high balls near the baseline he will easily overpower them...
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    For Djokovic fans only - do you truly believe that Djokovic has a chance to win more than 17 Slams?

    Biryani made of crow meat. I'm afraid I'm nearing that point :)
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    Novak's 4 in a row

    There was one guy who stopped Djokovic from achieving that. That was Federer and not Nadal. :shakehead: