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    Who can beat the Djoker at Wimbledon

    any big server who is zoned in can create a lot of problems for Novak early. It could be Struff, Musetti, Nick or any nut head for that matter. But if Novak manages to get through 2nd week and if he doesn't end up facing Federer in qtrs, he has a good chance to take another title. Facing Fed in...
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    Djokovic has been on court more than 15 hours in the second week

    Federer has been old since 2008. The moment he lost to Nadal at Wimbledon. Yard sticks are always different for Nadal and Djokovic.
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    Medvedev strong start to grass season

    he will become MadGras in next 7 years. Djokovic still has to worry about Federer, Citybus and others for now.
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    Does Djokovic have the least number of fans?

    What a sad state for a 13 time champion!
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    Stefanos will win Wimbledon 2021, book it!

    Like how Novak managed to kill the evil in Paris?
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    Stefanos will win Wimbledon 2021, book it!

    The guy has the tools, flair, temperament and audacity to challenge the Big 3 in big stages. His strokes are fluid and effortless and he is slowly getting himself to later stages on grand slams. He has the right mix of aggression and solid serve. I see him winning Wimbledon if he plays the...
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    Djokovic News

    Fellow, Novak fans: please tell me that I’m dreaming. Don’t wake me up. Please don’t. its painful to be a Djokovic fan at times, but it’s worth it. Djokovic means madness, djokovic means bloodshed , but Djokovic also means business. I have never been so thrilled like this
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    can't deny bull the victory no matter how you look at it. Novak's serve isn't going to save him. Bull reserves his best for the semis and finals at PC
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    Federer withdraws from RG

    I respect feds decision. He is a pro who knows his body well. The same goes for any top guns who decide to withdraw or retire during the match mid way. It's the arm chair critics here in TTW who get all salty. Wait for this thread to completely blow out when Federer actually reaches Wimbledon...
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    Djokovic News

    Checking with all of you here. Sorry haven't been able to post as much due to personal and professional commitments. Was super thrilled with Novak's Oz open win. As always I'm rooting for our champ to go the distance and win more slams. Also this forum has become too detrimental and negative...
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    What if the slam races ends 20-20-17

    it is perfectly fine if Big3 ends up with no more slams. I never thought Novak would go past 11 slams. Anything that he has won over 11 slams including RG2016 I consider as a bonus. 17 slams is nothing to snooze at :). amazing careers.
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    ESPN is Letting Go of Most of its ATP Rights Outside of the Slams

    No top US athlete on the men's side. The viewership is on perennial decline. It doesn't matter Whether Rog or Nadal plays. Last year's USopen final with Nadal had such poor TV ratings. It's understandable. This year was a bigger disaster
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    I don't think Djokovic even played that bad

    You mean to say that his 17 GS wins were some minor tournaments? You do know that he only has 2 people ahead of him (2 GOATS at this moment). Let's be measured in what we say. We have seen so many threads in 2014 where folks famously called him 'majoring in minors' when he had like 6 slams to...
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    I don't think Djokovic even played that bad

    novak had an off day. It happens. You can't win all. It's ok. We all know what Nadal can bring to the table especially on clay. The result surprised me a bit. Just bad day for Novak at the office. Chin up and look forward for the next slam :)
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    Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    You cannot play this bad and expect to win against nadal at PC. advance congrats to nadal . Amazing achievement !!