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    Djokovic AO08 vs Nadal AO09: Who wins?

    Why more interesting? That would just generate a much more lopsided response in Djokovic's favour.
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    Peak Nadal vs peak Borg on clay

    Lol, in all my time on this forum I've never seen another poster get continually as rattled as you do whenever that 2015 RG match gets mentioned. It still burns that Djokovic finally got a win over your boy there irrespective of his form, no? :giggle:
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    Which of the following players has the highest peak on clay?

    Which match would you say was Lendl's peak on clay Nat? I'm guessing it would be something from the French Open in the mid 80s?
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    Which of the following players has the highest peak on clay?

    Those two matches against clay GOAT though. o_O
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    Peak Murray vs peak Becker on grass

    Give credit where it's due md. Dominic played a fantastic match in last year's IW final and was a deserving champion. Not to mention Federer was ranked higher than him at the time so it seems a bit redundant to bring up his age, as if that was the only thing preventing him from winning.
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    Nadal v Djokovic surface distribution

    Je ne suis pas d'accord.
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    Nadal v Djokovic surface distribution

    It might look even but if I were a pro player I'd prefer to win 11 slams on the surface with the toughest competition than 12 on the dirt. ;)
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    Djokovic v Murray AO 2012 FULL Match

    Well it lasted for another five years so he didn't do too bad.
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    Best straight set matches in GS

    Djokovic/Del Potro USO 2012 was pretty high quality from what I recall.
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    We need Djokovic vs Kyrgios once tennis returns: ASAP

    Nah, Novak just needs to keep winning major tournaments, which unlike Kyrgios he's pretty damn good at. That seems to rile Kyrgios up a helluva lot more than he ever could do by constantly making snide comments in order to aggravate us Djokovic fans.
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    Higher grass peak Nadal or Murray?

    I agree that Nadal has the higher peak. A better question would be "who is the more accomplished grass court player?" I suspect that would've produced a much closer poll result.
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    Better Hardcourt Player: Murray or Nadal ??

    Nice to see you sticking up for Andy, Nat. :) I always knew you had it in you. ;)
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    2012 USO and novak djokovic

    Well look who's back!! How's it going handsome? :)