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    Average Games Won In Grand Slam Final Losses - Federer - 22, Nadal - 17, Djokovic - 17, Lendl - 15, Murray - 14

    Federer's average must be boosted considerably by the 2014 Wimbledon final alone. He won at least 8 more games in that match than he should've done!
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    Anyone else afraid that 2019 Wimbledon will be for Federer what 2002 Australian Open final was for Martina Hingis?

    He'll most likely beat Djokovic again in a Masters or even the WTF but I'm not so sure he'll be able to do so in a best of 5.
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    Better/greater player-Federer in Wimbledon vs Djokovic in AO

    I guess you could argue Djokovic at the AO is better but Federer at Wimbledon is undoubtedly greater. I hope you'll be feeling better soon icedevil. You were honestly one of the first Fed fans I thought of on Sunday evening. :( And knowing how nervous you get during his matches I don't know...
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    NoleFam - are we mostly Serbian?

    Lol, seems to me like most of Federer's fans are from India.
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    I'm heartbroken

    You're not the only one mate. I went from looking like Brad Pitt to Mick Jagger in the space of a few hours. :p
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    Djokovic won’t win 2019 USO

    He's also equal Federer's record of winning 3 GS titles across 3 separate seasons and would become only the 3rd male player in the Open era after Federer and Lendl to have defended 3 of the 4 majors. Ajde Nole! :p
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    Djokovic #majoring in #majors and #minoring in #minors

    It's amazing to think heading into Wimbledon five years ago that he was only on 6 majors and hadn't won one in 18 months. If someone had told me back then that exactly five years later he'd have won another 10, including 4 more Wimbledon titles, you could've absolutely knocked me down with a...
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    I'm heartbroken

    I was listening to it in the early hours of this morning celebrating Novak's victory. :p
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    I'm heartbroken

    Not exactly the tea and sympathy type is he? ;)
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    Novak Djokovic in one gif...

    Lol, Novak's incredible victory tastes all the sweeter knowing how devastated he must be feeling right now. Lovin' it! :laughing:
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    Novak Djokovic in one gif...

    I think that smirk was meant especially for Kyrgios. :giggle:
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Guys I honestly don't know what to say. I really am too emotionally spent to say anything right now. My heart goes out to all the decent Federer fans on this forum.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    I just realised that whoever beat Nishikori in the past four majors went on to win the title. Seems like Novak's chances have decreased that little bit more. :(