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  • Hi DJTaurus. I saw a post whereby you said you are gonna play with Luxilon Element. Two tennis pro's have indicated I should give it a try. What was your conclusion on this string? One playtester says it has good spin, but he does not like it when it starts moving around. If you dont mind, briefly indicated how you found it, before I restring. Will really appreciate. Thank you
    Hi DJ. I have been playing with the Head Instinct XT MP for a yar now and really enjoy volleying and power serving. I have the Prince Tour 100 16x18 in my tennis bag for back-up, but the moment I take the stick to play with I feel disconnected with the ball. To me the Instinct XT MP feels really nice at net and I am so enjoying the power it exerts. Would love to hear if you feel my opinon is validated. Thank you
    Sorry mate but i cancelled my order because right now i am testing Prince Tour 100....... next month i will test Yonex 98ai.... so i dont know when i will go for the Instict MP..... i am saving money for the new AeroPro drive.... lots of money spent on rackets :p
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