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    JC Aragone show leadership in these demanding times

    Aragone has been an inspiring figure. Looks like he's getting support from New Balance, but I can't figure out what kind of frame he's using.
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    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    I thought I read the release date was 7/20/20.
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    Yonex EZ98 Tour

    Have there been any further details released on this frame? From the Yonex site, it looks like the graphics and shape will be identical to the lighter 305gm version. Any details from TW testers on how this latest EZ98 performs? When will it go on TW pre-sale?
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    Best shoes for minimizing wear and tear on knees/hips.

    Asics GR7s for now. I'll try the GR8s when my stash wears out.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Perhaps it's my 65-year old body, but hitting with the EZone 98 2020 didn't feel THAT much different than my older EZone 98 2018 racquets. Yes, the mesh in the handle muted a bit of vibration, but it was slight. Power felt about the same, but my control wasn't as good as my older EZ98 with Hyper...
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    Formula 1

    Broken on the Ferrari wheel? Seb's last Ferrari contract paid him a cool $30M/year for the past three years. 'Nuff said...
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    R.I.P. Stirling Moss

    But not a weak driver, or champion. Moss raced in an extremely dangerous era and managed to drive well, and survive it when other of his contemporaries did not. Much respect and RIP for Sterling Moss.
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    If you like Sergio Tacchinni, you're in luck this week!
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    We need a good Happy Hour to fight Covid-19 depression!
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    Asics Gel Resolution 7s fit my feet perfectly. I tend to buy them while they're on sale and this is my third pair.
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    My racquet holy trinity.

    Well, whatever floats your boat. But I don't know how you ever develop much feel for three racquets that are quite different. Carrying three of the same frame with different string tensions is something I support, but if I see my opponent cycling through different racquets during a match, it...
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    Interesting Bianca Andreescu tidbit

    Actually, it's her rivals who are losing ranking points at this point in the year. Starting with Indian Wells, Andreescu will begin to lose points if she cannot play. Not sure how far her ranking will drop, as she can protect part of her ranking due to injury. No worries- she needs to get...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Unfortunately, there's no way anybody can answer this. Differences in stroke production, anatomy, string type/tension and age/health conditions make this a purely subjective opinion. If you like the DR light, and it gives you no pain, who knows what happens with another racquet?
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    Tennis Racket Technology Is Way More Elaborate Than You Think

    I liked the article from the perspective of understanding new CAD and materials science. It answered a few questions and posited the next wave of racquet development. And just because current players prefer older Yonex frames doesn't mean the new developments aren't improvements in some ways...