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    Johnson playing with Taped (ASICS) Shoes?

    That's funny, they definitely are the 2015 Solution Speed.
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    ASICS Gel Resolution

    The 2019/20 catalog was put on November 25th and the 2020/21 one on December 8th. Maybe we'll see a team catalog between the same months for the 2021/22 line. Unless something gets leaked earlier!
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    Giorgi new racket?
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    A list of Rafa hats released through retail channels

    I just have these 8. I like them the most because I can put them in the washer/dryer and they will NEVER lose the shape of the bill. Some of the flimsy ones are trash after one wash - with the bill getting deformed and not being able to retain the shape no matter what. Sad too that some are...
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    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    cortex, the font is just a "stylized" X
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    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    sorry, I didn't see one of the photos, but yes if does say cortex inside. It is larger though.
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    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    I actually don't see cortex written anywhere. Here are some more pics: close up of specs, aero grommets (how they will look on the side) and some other detailed graphics. Like the 12 o'clock little circle to line up the top on the stringing machine.
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    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    OH NO, might be fake. Then again, I can't remember if the light model was different? Here are some graphics/specs and also the spin grommets. 16/19 string pattern.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    new color way coming out soon:
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    Ana Konjuh with new Babolat Play PD

    I think it's a model from the 2012-2014 era of drive. Whichever ones had the "holed" bumper guards. drive line: Some junior pics from 2013 or so: and some more recent ones with...
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    Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?

    looks like score and change is starting to update the sponsorship changes
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    Pure Drive 2021?

    TW Europe has the new ones up if anyone wants to read the specs. Looks like 1/15/21 they should be around. I've been waiting for the Tour!!! I've hit with my brother's regular drive the past months and like it, but always like the Tour models and use an Aero Tour now...
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    Pure Aero 2021?

    the 2021 catalog is out on issuu, but no hint of the 2022 Aero paint job (in the past French Open editions were pictured now), but the Pure Aero Rafa is in there - which we've all seen.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    you can check out some of the 2021 color ways, page 34
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    How to not bruise your toenails?

    I use toe caps just on my left foot, my right foot is fine and probably a little smaller. Two on the big toe - doubled up because wearing one always ripped, and then one on the toe next to it. I've...