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    Why did you join TTW?

    I was new to tennis, so I wanted to learn as much as I could, without actually playing tennis. I’ve been playing 6 years now; still as ****ty as I was then.
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    Music Game

    I am the Highway - Audioslave
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    What did you last eat?

    Leftover Kung Po chicken around 8am this AM
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    Music Game

    Starboy - The Weeknd
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    Remember AO 2018 ? Stop writing off young players

    Right. But I recall when everyone was providing glowing predictions of DY Interesting tidbit; In 2016, Medvedev was disqualified from a challenger match against DY. Bjorn Fratangelo beat Jared Donaldson for that title
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    Music Game

    So I Need You - 3 Doors Down
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Mule - it was decent.
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    Music Game

    So Far Away - Staind
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    If given the choice which GS and masters you might attend ?

    Only been to Cincy. Wimbledon & Rome.
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    How far do you drive in order to play?

    2 courts, in my housing addition, 3 minute walk. Indoor facilities/clinics/leagues/matches around 30-45 minute drive.
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    Music Game

    Something to Remind You - Staind
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    What is big news in your city !??

    My city, Indy, same ole...shootings in apartment complexes; usually teens in gangs. Also had a home explode d/t natural gas, southern city in my state.
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    Your favourite TV shows?

    Andy Griffith Twilight Zone Family Guy
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    Music Game

    You’re Crazy G n R