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    The Better Part of Valor

    I've played with multiple people who popped their Achilles on the court with me. It scares the hell out of me, which is why I do the heel drops as well. Multiple times I've been playing a guy who has turned around and thought someone had just hit him with a baseball bat in the back of the leg...
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    Jiu-jitsu and Tennis

    I know 2 guys who I play tennis with who had their shoulders seriously jacked up due to BJJ. One basically has to serve side-armed due to it. If you actually love playing tennis, it's probably not a great sport to get into if you aren't already into it. If it's something you are passionate...
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    What makes a hacker a hacker?

    You are a hack, not a hacker. I think a hacker is more specifically about using predominately slice heavy strokes on both sides. One can be both at the same time I think.
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    Stroke technique is literally the last thing holding back a 3.5

    I played 7 4.0 matches in 2018 while playing 3.5 as well. I went 3-4 at 4.0. 33 total matches. Everything 2019 onwards was 4.0.
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    Stroke technique is literally the last thing holding back a 3.5

    Not quite the topic of the thread, but when it comes to improving: 2018 USTA 3.5 record: 21-5 4.0 record 2018- present: 13-22 Same player, same game for the most part. If you are going to improve past 3.5, make sure you know what you are in for. At 3.5 the best you come up against are...
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    Gym Weight Training Before Or After Tennis Practice/Match

    I think doing any kind of workout that puts strain on your shoulders prior to playing tennis is a bad idea for joint health. Of course doing a leg day before a tennis match is a recipe for exhaustion very early in the match as well.
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    Officially an old fart

    I have a rack in my garage with safety catches. I stopped trying to do anything heavy on bench after shoulder issues, tennis elbow, ulnar nerve entrapment, thoracic outlet issues, all started popping up. If you are doing any kind of pressing lifts you should be doing equal or more mobility...
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    My racquet is right around 12 ounces and head light.
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    Yes, just an example of a male player with a big back swing. My takeback had become sub- modern Federer and I'm not nearly good enough to pull that off, plus I wasn't extending out enough so it was a double whammy. At least with the big backswing you have some momentum even when your follow...
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    I was having some tennis elbow issues for a couple of months, which I haven't had for 10 years. Saw video of my swing and realize my forehand take back had become non-existant and I was muscling the ball badly. concentrated on an exaggerated Gonzalez like takeback starting last week. My first...
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    Online tennis coaches - Leaderboard

    Necro bump, all the blonde dudes raquetflex videos are gone. Seriously? Must have had a falling out with the other dudes or something. His content was excellent.
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    I noticed more that he seemed much slower in the last 2 matches then he did in the first 2 or on the matches I've seen from Tennistroll channel. I don't see how you can discount the effect of playing that much in that short a period of time for someone of any age. I experienced it at USTA...
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    I keep hearing people talking about fast indoor courts....the slowest hard courts in my area are indoors at the club I play at. Most of the outdoor courts are worn down by the weather and much faster because of it. I guess the ET "facility" is particularly slick from all the the talk about...
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    I hear you, I just don't think Scott saw the strongest version of you playing him, the best player you've played so far in this endeavor, and maybe it's leading some viewers to say "see, GSG ain't no big deal". I think you could have gotten some more games off of him fresh.
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    I've watched all the matches so far and you were clearly a step slow compared to the previous 2, to my eye.