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    Agassi polo

    FYI, the Nike style and color code is CU4200-850.
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    Agassi polo

    Some European tennis sites have posted this up for sale in the last 24 hours. Any chance you will be carrying this soon? And if so, release date?
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    Nike 2020 General Thread

    Beating the "Nike Sucks" drum yet again? Your negativity gets really old. And you're wrong about this one. The Agassi polos, jacket, and denim shorts won't be hitting any clearance racks. You can mark it down.
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    Nike Summer 2019

    Nice profile pic!!!! #aaaaawyeeeeeah
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    Nike Summer 2019

    I’ll be honest, hard for me to get excited without Fed. He brings a sophistication to the tennis line that I enjoy. I’m particularly fond of his collaborations these past few years. Wonder when we will hear who his shoe endorser will be for 2019...
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    Nike Summer 2019

    I've got your back on there.
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    Nike Winter 2018

    Your unfunny comments about Nike never get old...
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    Will the current line out be the last from Nike with the current RF logo? Or will you be required to pull it down from the site or your store because the deal is official now?
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    No Federer Line

    Since I paid $105 for mine, I’m not feeling too bad. My point wasn’t really about whether the $160 was worth it. It was more about the designs looking better in person, and far better than anything I have seen from the other brands for Wimbledon outside of Fila.
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    No Federer Line

    It’s 50/50 polyester and nylon with Nike’s Hypershield that blocks water and wind. But some of the stuff isn’t always about what materials are used, but the quality of said materials. For example, you can have five different brands or styles of shirts that are made of 100% cotton. But none are...
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    No Federer Line

    You find any reason to complain. It honestly gets old. I picked up the blue version of this coat yesterday and I love it. Seeing most of the line in person, I believe it is Fed’s very best from Nike in a very long time. The detail and quality need to be seen in person to be appreciated. It’s...
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    Nike Fall 2018

    This is the NIKE FALL 2018 thread, correct?
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    Federer shoes as seen while playing INDIAN Wells

    They did not. But Nike and a few select Europe retailer did last week. Unfortunately, they sold out in minutes.
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    Federer Air Xoom Vapor X AM 95 Heren

    Thanks for responding so quickly, Michelle. I hope one day Nike shows some love towards the backbone of their US SALES, Tennis Warehouse. @TW Staff, can you tell me what time they will go on sale thru the Europe site EST?