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    RED Dunlop max 200g ?

    photo or didn't happen!
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    Tennis fatigue loss of focus

    Drink smoothies between the matches. It help me improvise by putting some points on the scoreboard. I had to change my serve motion to feel comfortable and also change my forehand, need to drop this wrist lag thing. I’d rather use Pete Sampras style because it’s easier to remember in simple...
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    TW confirms Alexander Zverev uses Gravity Pro

    He didn't win anything, yet he gets his own racquet!
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    As of today, who is more likely to match Fed's 20 GS?

    RF is waiting for them to retire first before he retire to ensure his record is not broken by either of them! I agree that he should switch back to PS90.
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    Am I a 5.0? (asking for a friend)

    I tried it but didnt work for me, so i had to go back to old one like Pete Sampras’s forehand.
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    Has Federer's serve really improved?

    He need to switch back to his old trusty PS90/PS85
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    Wilson made in Austria?

    Nah, somebody is playing prank or somebody scammed you to make you believe there is a sticker stuck to the butt cap saying it’s made in austria!
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    I am choker

    Me too. Had alot of breakpoints but failed to convert, even they were not good pkayers. Lost the matches. So, yeah iam a choker too.
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    Why did adidas cease producing the torsion shoes?
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    What is replacing the Prince Beast Line?

    In my dream, Prince is producing the Prestige Beast in 89,5 sq in!
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    Launch Dates for Summer/Fall Racquet Releases

    *coughs* TW need to pester Wilson to produce PS90 as a tribute to RF's farewell into retirement. Please do not put his face on the throat!!! Just true PS90 paintjob of PS85
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    Could Federer be using a 4 1/4 (L2) grip now?

    Whoa, where did you that red butt caps? I want one!
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    Did Lacoste Tennis just miss their biggest revenue opportunity of the year?

    I only like solid colour shirts and shorts only. I never liked Novak's line. it depend on how they design. I missed 80' design especially Edberg's line.