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    Nishikori splits with coach of 9 years Dante Bottini

    Whoever created that thread is showing some disrespect to nadal. Probably it was kgrios’s henchmennthst did it
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    Nishikori splits with coach of 9 years Dante Bottini

    He should hire me and I can make him win multiple grand slam titles!
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    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    I think i know his son because his father is my good friend. Someone printed that logo professionally. You have to ask his father or want me to give you the professional printer’s contact detail.
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    Wilson Prostaff question

    Pro Staff line will die with RF if he retired.
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    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    Lets sue Yonex for false advertising!
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    Best thin polys

    Luxilon Bug banger Ace 18 and Timo 18. Excellent strings.
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    Leaving TTW

    Are you ok?
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    Wilson Pro Staff RF97 strange membrane peeled of

    Why are you even buying them?
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Then you are extremely lucky to escape PAWS, and you can’t taper that fast or risk PAWS. Taper it very slowly from that Facebook group. Doctors doesn’t know much about it. My ex-doctors didn’t warn me about it.
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Did you taper it slowly or rapidly? I didn’t taper because I thought it would be like Zoloft but cymbalta is far more dangerous and harder to come off. Doctors doesn’t care about people’s lives.
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread

    Where can I find MSV leather grip in tan?
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    All of them. It didn’t work and now I’m having multiple injuries which I never seen it before. But I will never give up until it’s gone. I don’t trust doctors anymore. They are drug pushers. Google that I was in Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome after stopped taking it. Very hard to get off. I...
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    Is anyone here a doctor?

    Please make sure do not take Cymbalta if your doctor prescribed or you will end up like me - almost ruined my life.
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    Welcome to Talk Tennis Australia

    What about Afterpay?
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    Fixing my volley

    I don’t have problem with overheard. You would be surprised that not many do it as they spent too much time bashing the ball from the baseline and afraid to use overhear when lobbing over.