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    Has Anyone tried Arrow-Up clothing?

    I too, just purchased the orange shirt and matching wristbands! I love them both, and will definitely be purchasing more in the future! I'm interested in the hats for my next order? Has anyone tried them?
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    starting a small apparel company.

    I'm liking the design of that orange zip shirt! I'll definitely be placing an order once it's available. I may even get a hat and some wristbands. Glad to hear that you are planning a simple polo. What colors are you considering?
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    Switched from Nike to Asics shoes

    The 7s are a bit higher up than the Vapors. I don't mind too much, I still move and stop just as aggressively with both. Stringertom: I have tried Signum Pros on my Vantages and I really like them! I may have to try them out on my PS Limiteds.
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    Switched from Nike to Asics shoes

    Thanks! Nice to see fellow BHBR-ers. BTW, have any of you tried the new Challenger 8s? It could be my next shoe when my 7s wear out
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    Switched from Nike to Asics shoes

    I just made the switch from the Nike Lunar Vapor Tours to the Asics Gel Challenger 7s. I had to return the Vapors due to the upper separating from the sole (just as other TTers have reported) I could not be happier with the switch! I only play on hardcourts and the Asics are more comfortable...
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    starting a clothing line

    I second slim-fit tops. I'm a short guy and many tennis clothes I try on that are a size small are a little too loose on me.
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    ZOMG!! Lunarlite Vapor falling apart!!!

    I, too, am having similar issues with my pair. For those that replaced the shoes, was there a number you called or did you go to your nearest Nike store? The next tennis shoes I'll be buying are Asics. I think I may be done with Nike shoes for the moment.
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    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    I actually sent one of my racquets back to vantage to cut the 1/2 inch off. I enjoyed playing with that vantage racquet despite not tinkering with the weight and balance. I've been meaning to add some silicone inside the handle or try the TW method of adding compressed cotton, fishing weights...
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    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    oops, double post
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    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    My vantages were 320g 10 pts headlight (unstrung), 27.5" 63ra, 16x19 I prefer the Babolats because it has a lower swingweight while still having a similar plush feeling like the vantages. I was actually going to purchase an 18x20 Vantage, but I got a good deal on the Babolats. I don't really...
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    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    Count me in too! I just bought 2 Babolat Pure Storm Ltd Tours. I also have a Prokennex Redondo Mid that I like to use at times. I used to wield two Vantage 95 racquets with 16x19 patterns and I've had no problem adjusting and generating spin with the new Babolat racquets
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    Wimbledon 2010 stringing

    Do prefer certain stringing machines over others? Or does that not matter compared to the quality of the clamps? Definitely following on Twitter. Thanks ahead of time!
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    The Original Creation Thread

    Sixone your black/purple/white 2.3s and vapors mockups are amazing! Great job!
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    FS: Adidas Djokovic Edge Crew and Adidas Shorts Size Small

    Shirt has been sold as well! Thanks!
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    FS: Adidas Djokovic Edge Crew and Adidas Shorts Size Small

    Shorts sold! Shirt still available thanks!