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    2019 French Open R1: Rafael Nadal vs Yannick Hanifmann

    Half a man is no haass chance of upset
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    What will Sascha Zverev's final result on the 2019 French Open?

    Some unknown will make the sf n stun the French
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    Kyrgios is pulling an Andy Murray

    A Man who did nothing at slams
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    Serena's FO Outfit ;) (The haters will love it)

    Virgil Abominloh is great
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    Kyrgios pulled out of RG after the tournament director had said that Nick would be punished in a 'hard way'

    Good job. Murray will ban him from grass even better. Go play basketball
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    ‘In danger’: The real reason Roger Federer refuses to retire

    He's collecting appearance fees He double the Rome ticket prices. He is the goatterer
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    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    Thanks for thanos
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    nick tells it like it is

    World no 1 can do wad ever he likes This fake Nicky the clown should play basketball
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    What is the single most ugliest shot in tennis?

    Must be gilbert the brad strokes
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    He only hurt a chair, guys

    He should throw himself onto the court Then proceed to smash himself up
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    Is Karlovic's serve motion a good textbook serve?

    Crap technique. Fast cos high clearance
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    Long hiatus from tennis, elbow pain during bigger serves

    Bad technique Effortless serve Warm up fidty second servr
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    I know why I hit too wide

    Use a fed rf97 Or hsieh double hands