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    My first goodwill haul!

    Oddly enough, a couple of weeks ago a fellow had one in his racket bag and, when I remarked on it, invited me to hit a few with it. It felt a lot nicer than I expected, as long as I got the ball near the center of the string bed. It's worth noting, too, that the line persisted into the...
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    Bought a Wilson Advantage woodie. Can anybody provide a little history info?

    Well, that does it for me feeling old for having played with wood. The Éminence Grise has arrived! Start a thread and tell us some stories, PaceTheAce!
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    The Max 200g "could" become my racquet of choice

    Go ahead, Max. Tell 'em what grip belongs on the Max 200G...
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    Gasquet- Le Coq

    Random, peripherally-related, yet unique memory...When I was a teenager we hosted a French exchange student who played tennis. (This was in the U.S.) I asked him once about the company, saying that "the athletic rooster" is a strange thing to say in English. He said it was not at all strange in...
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    Avant Garde

    Wasn't there an ad for Avant Garde in Tennis mag that showed one of those frames elevated at butt and bow, with someone standing on the frame itself to demonstrate how strong it was even though it was light? Or was that Match Mate?
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    FS/FT - Fischer Pro Tour’s (2x, 3/8)

    Hi, SRUalum. I'm hunting for rackets for a couple of juniors, and I'd love to turn them on to the Fischer feel. One thing, though: the title of your thread reads #3 grips, and the text of your post reads #2 grips. Could you confirm the correct grip size(s)?
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    Mizuno ProClassic vs Pro 9.2

    Hannah19, a year later I still don't have any answers to the mystery of the thicker-beamed Pro Classic, but I have since encountered the same Dyneema fiber in their also-interesting contemporaries, the Rossignol Vectris frames. And I do have another question. I have a junior asking my advice...
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    New old stock

    Wow... Beautiful frames. I've never seen either. Nice find!
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    How good is volkl v square 16 gauge ?

    As much as I dig the report on V-Square, I dig the photography even more. I didn't even know they made an electron microscope app.
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    60 somethings first hit with Prince Boron

    Nice score! Anybody know the RA stiffness rating on the Boron?
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    The Aeropro Drive Original turns 15 this year...would you now consider it a classic?

    Ehhh... Whether it belongs on a 'Top 20 Sticks of All Time" list is probably only indirectly related to what used ones sell for. It's also clearly a fine frame, but so are a lot of others that can be had cheaper. I'd guess people pay that much for them because they've learned Nadal uses them...
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    The Aeropro Drive Original turns 15 this year...would you now consider it a classic?

    I had occasion to hit with one of these for the first time recently, and I think it belongs in a tennis bag even more than on a collector's wall. In fact, that hit was side-by-side with a current Pure Strike, and the oAPD was noticeably more solid-feeling and satisfying at contact than the PS...
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    What version of the Fischer pro no 1s is this one?

    Taking the baton from Retrowagen ... —> Pro No. 1 (black/red, more flexible, said to be graphite/fiberglass with no ceramics despite label at top of hoop) —> M-Speed Pro No. 1 (red/green/black, different mold in throat area, remains flexible, no claim of ceramics, ludicrous claim of magnetics)...
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    Prince Woodie weight

    I have one. With leather grip, thin overgrip, poly, and 10-string TW dampener, it comes to 370 g. Back in the day I found it heavy too, but strangely underpowered for its weight. I sorta like that about it now, but it's more flexible than I really like. TT poster Dino Lagaffe measured one at...
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    Ugh!!! I'm in an impossible position

    You've inspired me, Shaolin. 60 lb is about what I need to drop, too. How did you do it?