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    OK, not a Classic but kind of old, PS 5.7EB OS

    I remember hitting with that one in 1993 or 94. At the time Wilson was really pushing the (head-heavy) Hammer lines that were dominating the retail market, and the (head-light) Pro Staff lines were for the old school holdouts. (Wilson would lean on sponsored coaches to teach with a Hammer, and...
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    Do polyester strings only lose tension over time or do they also lose function?

    OP, here is good info on what is actually happening with strings when players describe them as "dead": How Tennis Strings Go "Dead" - Part 1 How Tennis Strings Go "Dead" - Part 2
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    Prince Woodie weight

    You can safely ignore the early-80s Prince tension recommendations. Prince was marketing primarily against the standard-size wood frames, whose <70 sq" head size and 18x20 patterns made a stiff string bed even at what we'd call today normal tensions. The main reason players would refuse to...
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    Old Head 660 cm/102 sq in frames

    @kcmiser, I have a couple of Sat Tours whose hitting surface is 334 x 249 mm, which by area of ellipse implies a hitting area of just over 101 sq in. When i first got them, the one I measured was 337g, 309mm balance, and an anemic 314 swing weight. (That, more than the balance, is the likely...
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    Head satellite tour mp 18x19 pattern

    I have a couple of Sat Tours with Flexpoint Prestige Team cap grommets that fit just fine, if you don't mind the little Flexpoint cutout area at 3:00 and 9:00. I don't know if those grommets are still around anywhere, but their extra weight suits the very head-light Sat Tour nicely.
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    Solinco Hyper G Soft stiffness?

    EDIT: Misread 'Hyper G' for 'Hyper Soft' in database, thought new specs were posted, rejoiced mistakenly.
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    Solinco Hyper G Soft stiffness?

    I'm a fan of Hyper-G 18, and an even bigger fan of the TWU string database. I used the latter to choose the former; 18 had the most desirable combination of low stiffness, low tension loss, low string-string friction, and high string-ball friction of any of the Hyper-G gauges. I'd love to try...
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    Yonex Carbonex 7

    They came out a little earlier, in 1977. It sticks in my mind because I wanted a Carbonex 8 so badly that year that I used to go visit the local sports store just to look at it in their catalog. I don't remember seeing them after the midsized R1, R2, and R3 (the first square Yonnies, by the way)...
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    Why did Mac and Graf leave the 200g behind?

    @vsbabolat , do you know if there was any change in the underlying frame when she switched from the white Pro Staff 7.0 paint to the navy PS 7.5 paint, or did she finish her career with the pro stock 85?
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    New Head Extreme line - TK82 or TK82S pallets?

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've run into a pallet snag and am hoping for some wisdom. A student plays with the 2015 Graphene XT Extreme MPA, loves it, and is ready to have a second frame, and I just found him one in the wrong grip size. Thinking only the Speed used the TK82S in 2015...
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    Wow! Thanks for posting the photo; I've never seen one like that. Besides the number of stripes, it is strange to see the gold "Prince" at the shoulder without "Oversize" or "110" at the top of the head. I did a quick search and saw the same paint on a Singapore site and a Japanese one. Maybe...
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    Hi, Yatahaze. All the one-green-stripe Prince Graphites I've ever seen had "Prince" in green at the throat. Is it possible you saw a Prince model other than the Graphite? There were some models in the 90s, for example, that resembled the Graphite (thin beam, cross bar) but were different...
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    Is the Avery M5 a repainted POG OS

    Nice collection! Averys at good prices don't pop up all that often, I've noticed—I found only one in my price range, and that one wasn't in my preferred grip size—and fair enough: they really are good frames. If you like OS and can live without the extra length of the Changs or those green...
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    Is the Avery M5 a repainted POG OS

    I have an M5, a Precision Graphite, and most iterations of the Graphite, all oversized, and I think all three are fine frames. As noted, Tom Avery used Prince's old Precision Graphite molds for his excellent frames, but the M5 is noticeably lighter and more flexible than either the Graphite or...
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    Can a swing weight be lighter than the racket?

    This may be useful background, OP: the range of weights you find in tennis frames has numbers similar to the rang of swing weights, but that's just a coincidence. The weight is in grams, and the swing weight is in kg•cm^2. It's sort of like wondering if it's possible for people to have more...