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    Let's go traditional

    have you ever taken a lesson on the fh? a teaching pro should be able to point out the problem and fix it. most likely if you have incorrect hand motion it ruins the shot completely. or is there a video of your fh?
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    Let's go traditional

    it won't work even at higher level recreational 4.5 + because everyone is using polys and the ball jumps up and down too much. the pendulum swing has a flaw in that there is a dead spot or almost one at the back the the pendulum. that is going to mess up your swing against the up-and-down ball...
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    Backhand slice help

    practice your bh volley first.... catch the ball and squeeze the handle. the bh slice is the same.
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    Fast incoming balls to volley

    2 elements for the fix.. - first you have to move faster, that includes better anticipation, picking up queues on where the pass will go, faster footwork etc; - but the more important element is your volley mechanic. for fast incoming ball you need 'fast power'. without seeing your volley it's...
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    Open stance 1HBH proof of concept (Vid)

    it's not really that different from a 'standard bh'... just happens in certain situations that the left foot is outside and you don't have time to step across yet..
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    My slice vs Roger’s

    shadow doesn't mean anything... need to get on the court and see how the ball flies. grip pressure looks too tight, can see your white knuckles lol.
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    Saying indoor courts are faster is actually due to the SURFACE or the ATMOSPHERE?

    mostly it's the surface - just put less sand in the paint. there is no sun and no wind, so the players can handle fast balls... also due to limited court time in many situations you don't want an indoor match turn into a slow clay type of grind where you can't finish a match in 1.5 hours. when...
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    One Hand backhand footwork

    post a video of yourself? footwork is the LEAST important part of the shot... need to learn what the HAND does first, then the rest of the body will follow.
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    e.g. this shot he had to hit a high one and a low one at 3:30. slightly off topic now... but if you pre set the spine angle then you won't be caught late and miss into the net.
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    if you observe the pros with 1hb, you will observe that in general their spines are upright for the fh, but leans backwards for the bh, (again, generally speaking)... this is because the fh side muscle is strong and you can 'hand lift' the ball if needed.... but the bh side needs a backward...
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    the pros don't have this 'standard weakness' right.. UE into the net can be caused by 2 things I can think of - - either the spine angle is too low and you'd need to arm-lift the ball... and if the ball comes fast you dont have time to lift... this sounds like the cause for you and your...
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    I don't pull down with the left, I just let the racket drop from the upright position. this maybe an individual thing... if you can do it without affecting your movement and balance it should be fine.
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    arm should be relaxed... everybody has different bone/tendon structure... some are straight when relaxed, some are bent... it doesn't really matter. you don't want tension to 'keep it straight'.... tension is the worst, it freezes up your entire body and you can't move/adjust.
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    Torso rotation on one handed backhand

    this is correct... the wrist is completely passive.